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We offer current as well as timeless resources to inform, motivate and prepare you to support, defend and exercise your conservative principles, values and perspective.

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How to be a Precinct Leader

Former Colorado State Republican Party Chairwoman, Kristy Burton Brown, discusses the vital role and responsibilities of the Precinct Leader in today's Colorado. She clearly describes the duties and how best to fulfill them. She also presents and connects the Party's "Commitment to Colorado" which sets priorities for making Colorado a more affordable, safer, prosperous for individuals/families, and a more free and livable state.

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What are Precincts and Caucuses?

The following videos clearly answer these questions in English, Spanish and Ethiopian. 

Arapahoe County, CO has a large population of Hispanics and Ethiopians as well as other people whose native language is not English. John C. Lamb produced these videos for "all people who love America and pursue their American Dream." 

Introduction to Caucus - English
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John C. Lamb, GOP District 26 Captain, Arapahoe County, CO

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Rachel Martinez, Hispanic-American Community Leader, Colorado

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Amsalu Kassaw, Ethiopian-American Community Leader, Colorado

More Videos Coming Soon!

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