We are here to promote conservative values by electing Republican candidates and engaging our communities.

  • Making Colorado Affordable.

  • Public Safety.

  • Expanding School Choice.

  • Limited Government. Transparency.

  • Individual Sovereignty, Self-reliance & Responsibility.

  • Lower Taxes.

  • The Sanctity of Life.

  • The Constitution & the Rights It Guarantees

  • Election Integrity.

  • Secure Borders. 

  • Truth. Common sense.

  • Real-world Solutions.

  • Charity and a Hand-up.

  • Joy. Humor. Love. Gratitude. 



Arapahoe County GOP Chair 

Suzanne Staiert

For the past 20 years Suzanne has lived and worked in Arapahoe County serving as an attorney for both Aurora and Littleton as well as the Deputy Secretary of State for seven years.  As a community volunteer, Suzanne has coached High School Mock Trial for 10 years, served as a DU Law student mentor, and volunteered with the We the People High School Civics program in Littleton schools.  Now living in Centennial, Suzanne is a single mom to three daughters.  Two are in college at DU and CU, while the youngest attends Littleton High School.

In addition to running as a Senate candidate in 2020 for SD27, Suzanne worked on two successful ballot initiatives in 2020 to protect Colorado voters.  She is very excited about the prospects for Republican candidates this year and in the 2022 state and county elections.  And is eager to communicate with all voters in Arapahoe County about Republican solutions.  Suzanne believes that Republican candidates will have a strong positive message to share with voters.  She wants to get the word out by welcoming volunteers to support Republican candidates up and down the ballot.

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Arapahoe County GOP Vice-Chair

Anne Rowland

Anne Rowland grew up in the Red State of Texas, but has made Colorado her home since 1994.  Although she has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Forestry from Texas A&M, she's made her career in the restaurant business.  Anne and two friends are partners and owners of the Jason's Deli franchise here in Colorado.  "I make sandwiches to support my music habit..." she often jokes.  In her spare time, Anne is a singer/songwriter, has released 2 CDs and been on tour in Germany.  She currently directs the Youth Band at her church and teaches guitar to several of the band members. 


Anne became a Precinct Leader in 2008 and has worked to get her neighbors involved in the Republican Party.  In May 2019, Anne visited Washington, DC and toured the White House along with many other museums and monuments.  In July 2019, she was elected as District Captain for District 22.  Anne has served as the AC-GOP Vice Chair since February 2020.  "I've met and worked with some really great Republicans who continue to support our candidates under difficult circumstances," she says.   Anne continues to work with the AC-GOP to organize our "grass roots" and spread a positive message about conservative values and conservative solutions!


Arapahoe County GOP Secretary

Jean Baugh

Jean moved from Illinois to beautiful Colorado 40 years ago. She earned a BA in Economics with a minor in Psychology from the University of Illinois as well as an associate degree in Computer Science. She invested 33 years of service working for various agencies within the Department of Defense (DoD) and an additional six years with a private industry firm. This provided Jean with unique and wide-ranging experience in a variety of information technology arenas, including programming, analysis, system design, networks, customer service management, and various management positions. She eventually became Technical Director for one of only seven DoD data centers in existence at the time. Since retirement, Jean is involved in dog sports as well as volunteering for multiple organizations including dog rescues and horse events.


After observing unfolding events over the last several years, Jean was inspired to take a more active role in restoring the self-governance intended by the Founding Fathers and supporting conservative America First values represented by the Republican Party by volunteering to serve as a Precinct Leader, Assembly Delegate, and now in her newly elected role as the Arapahoe County GOP Secretary. She’s actively engaged with several conservative citizens groups to help spread the word and encourage conservatives to regain their voice and join in efforts to restore and strengthen our Republic.

Politician Greeting Children