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Ron Redden
Vice Chair

I was born in Texas to conservative parents and grew up appreciating conservative values. My wife and I, with our daughter moved to Arapahoe County in 1989. I had been recruited by a large international company where I was hired as an electrical designer on heavy industrial projects. The company utilized me extensively as a field engineer for the construction and the ensuing start-ups industrial facilities. The projects included power plants, rocket fuel manufacturing and refineries. The position was a “pressure cooker” to say the least. This was not my first or only position in a leadership role; in fact, I have served as a leader in various organizations since I was fifteen years old. I spent eighteen years as an airline pilot. Fourteen of those years as a captain, where I was known for being even handed and calm under pressure.


Most recently I took on the responsibility of Precinct Leader. A week and a half later I volunteered to be District Captain. In that position, my first priority was to pull the current Precinct Leaders together and then recruit others to fill open positions. My District, 14, had 12 precincts and in a few short months we had expanded to 22 Leaders. Since moving to Colorado, I have seen many changes, some for the better, like TABOR, but most changes have been to our detriment. I have never voted Democrat. My values run deep in conservatism. The tax and spend policies of the left and change solely based in emotional feel-good politics of the day are not solutions to Americas problems. I know that if we all work together that we can regain our place at the government table combined with a well thought out executable strategy will provide results.

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