May 2020 Chairman's Blog

Contents: Thank you’s, notes, the AC-GOP Election Plan – and please stick around for the end of the Blog – which contains dire warnings about election security – and our need for watchfulness!

1. May you and yours please take every precaution to BE – AND STAY - WELL! We need ALL Republicans to stay healthy, so we can win in November!

2. Second Notice: As you know, the stay-at-home order has been hurting small businesses.

If your Arapahoe County business has a delivery service or curb-side pickup - or another ways of serving your customers - and you would like AC-GOP constituents to support your business, please respond to this email - and include your business phone number, address, and/or website. We will let members of the AC-GOP know that you are “open” for business, and would appreciate their patronage. Here are 3.

3. For those who stepped up to be AC Election Judges or Poll Watchers, thank you. Signing up shows your commitment to preserving the integrity of our fragile system of Representative Democracy, and what it means to maintaining our Liberty.

4. Question: What are the most important tasks of the Arapahoe County Republican Party?

Answer: (1) GETTING REPUBLICANS ELECTED. (2) BEATING THE OPPOSITION. (These are interchangeable!)

To do that, we have “operationalized” committees (see below), chaired by knowledgeable energetic folks, and we have “tasked” them with responsibilities targeted at winning on November 3, 2020. If you would like to volunteer for any of these committees, please contact:

2020 AC-GOP Committees (brief descriptions):

· FUND RAISING/EVENTS: Lynne Cottrell, Chairman - Note: Lynne and her large and dedicated group of volunteers have been responsible for planning/implementing/overseeing several successful fundraisers/events, including, but not limited to the: Summer Picnic, Christmas/Holiday Party, etc., and are working on an as-yet TBD unique version of the unfortunately-postponed Lincoln Day Dinner (Stay Tuned!)

· ELECTIONS’ STRATEGY: (Note: There are several sub-committees listed under Elections’ Strategy…)

§ DISTRICT CAPTAIN (DC) & PRECINCT LEADER (PL) RECRUITMENT/Co-Chairmen - Sue Bosier and Anne Rowland: This Committee recruits/retains DC’s and, through them, PL’s. As you know, DC’s and PL’s are the backbone of AC-GOP election efforts.

§ TRAINING/Chairmen - Kathleen Chandler and Jane Ames: The purpose of this committee is to provide tools to DC’s - and to help them mobilize Precinct Leaders. Why? To get Republicans to register and to vote – for all R’s on the ballot.

§ VOTER REGISTRATION/Chairman - Stephen Mueller, our State GOP field director – assigned to the AC-GOP. Note: Voter registration may be problematic during these times, so we will wait to see if this is even a viable option.

§ “BENCH” COMMITTEE/Chairman - Lynn Myers: This committee looks for promising candidates (which it did, for this election cycle) and provides basic information, especially to “newbie” candidates.

§ CANDIDATE ASSISTANCE/This committee provides assistance to especially new candidates (information on setting up a campaign, brainstorming strategies, etc. (This committee needs a campaign-experienced chairman!)

§ ELECTION CYCLE EVENTS/Chairmen - Bill McCartin, Nancy Doty: This committee works on the logistics of such AC events as (but not limited to) Western Welcome Week/the AC Fair, etc.

§ GET OUT THE VOTE (GOTV)/Chairman - Adrian Vargas: This committee develops strategies for DC’s, PL’s, and volunteers to GOTV.

· VOLUNTEER COORDINATION: This committee helps recruit volunteers via the website, and AC group outreach, and maintains lists to distribute to other committees, as needed.

· BYLAWS/Chairman - Rita Hyland: This Committee reviews the Bylaws - per changes in State Election Law - for compliance, and for amendment proposals, as needed - for initial consideration by the ExCom, and for presentation to, and approval by, the AC-GOP Central Committee.

· TECH/Chairmen - Rick Rome, Mike Patton (w/idea contributors and assistance, as needed: Mason Stefancic, Alyssa Khamma, Trent Hampton) This committee maintains/updates databases and mailing lists - and proposes data policy and up-to-date Apps to enhance communication and candidate support.

· MEDIA/Chairmen: Mason Stefancic/Alyssa Khamma: This committee maintains/updates the AC-GOP website, and works with all types of media, to publicize AC-GOP events and activities.


The definition of “gaming” a system describes it as a process for “using the rules and procedures meant to protecta system to, instead, manipulate the system for a desired outcome.” Synonyms include, “bending the rules, rigging, abusing, cheating, milking, playing, or breaking the system.

While Republicans are generally deeply concerned about the state of – and future of - politics in this Country, State and County, we must be especially watchful about this year’s elections. (The 2020 Primary is on June 30 – mail ballots out, June 8!)

While we are hopeful (but certainly NOT convinced) that the AC Clerk and Recorder has been sufficiently warned NOT to repeat the debacle of our county’s last November’s election, GOP strategists have informed us that the Dems are laser-focused on ways to interfere with our elections - especially with regard to voter rights and absentee ballots - their purpose being to undermine the legitimacy of, and increase uncertainty about, the outcome of the November 2020 Presidential election.

As you may have read, and due to concerns that COVID 19 may still be around, many states are opting into mail-in ballot-only elections. (Colorado already has this.) While at first glance, this voting method may seem appropriate - and practical, under the circumstances - it has also contributed to instances of voter fraud and ballot disqualification.

Documented incidents have included ballots taken by folks without official visible identification; ballots “getting lost” at the post office; and/or batches not being delivered in time for voting or counting – but being found, later.

Among other problems identified, is the potential inability of disabled voters to vote at home, but with only 6 AC Primary polling places available where they can get assistance, a number of them will be unable to cast ballots. In addition, it is pretty well known that, in several past elections, Dem campaign workers have gone to “assisted living” facilities, and “helped” unsuspecting or incapacitated residents mark their ballots (but not for R’s…)

During Colorado’s 2019 Legislative session, a bill was passed into law stating that people who apply for a driver’s license or ID card will have their data sent to the Secretary of State’s office, to be automaticallyregistered to vote - unless they opt out. While, on the surface, this may seem like a way to encourage more people to vote, it is also a way to manipulate what is intended to be a helpful procedure. The D’s gain access to those records, track the (generally uninformed) new voters, and follow up, by “helping” them vote. While this may seem a cynical use of the system, it has proven effective.

…And then, there is “ballot harvesting” – the practice of collecting and depositing “mail” ballots. In the past, as another effective strategy, Dem campaign workers have gone door to door, or called people, to let them know they would be glad to pick up their ballots and deposit them at the drop-off ballot boxes. Although the law allows one person to deposit up to ten ballots, per drop-off location, there has been nothing stopping the collection of many more ballots, and the depositing of them at multiple locations. There has also been nothing stopping the “ballot-collectors” from looking inside the envelopes, and changing votes (which would nullify the ballots) - or dumping ballots with votes they don’t like.

Of course, there have been straight-faced denials about all of this, and we are sure to get pushback for pointing all this out, but I have a saying that some of you may have heard from me:

“It is never the issue on the table, or who or what is behind that issue. It is who or what is REALLY behind the issue……And, if someone is confronted with, “I know why you are doing this,” and the response is, “Oh, no…That’s not what I’m doing it”, my response is, “Gotcha!”

So…my friends, what are we to do about all this?

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