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Together, we will make America strong again. We will make America wealthy again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again. And yes, together, we will make America great again. Thank you. God bless you. And God bless America.Donald Trump

If you're a Republican and you smile, liberals don't like it. Maybe that's because Democrats are afraid that I've been able to show an optimistic vision for this country.” Cory Gardner

Representative Democracy for this election cycle began in March of 2020. This time, it started with a Presidential Primary, continued with Caucus, and is now focused on our County Assembly - March 28, 2020.

Baseball is in spring training, so it’s a good time to say, “Let’s play ball!” To win in baseball - and elections – we must first put in place the fundamentals; then come up with a winning strategy; and, of course, be able to read the other side – so we can counter its game plan. For Republicans, that means having the best Republican candidates - up and down the ballot (which, of course, we do!), raising enough $ to help them (you can donate HERE), and then putting out the effort to get them elected!

2018 was a rude awakening for Arapahoe County Republicans. We had implemented our tried and true election strategies - based on what had always been done in a previously Republican-majority county – but had not recognized the need to address a whole new voting population, into which the Dems tapped.

In order to win in November, therefore, we must commit to doing the hard work of convincing:

(1) …EVERY Republican to help us Get Out The Vote (GOTV).

(2) …EVERY Republican to vote for EVERY Republican – up and down the ballot!

(3) …EVERY disaffected Dem, and EVERY older - and under 34 - unaffiliated voter, to focus on how much better off his/her wallet and quality of life are, under our current administration.

Here’s what we can learn - from at least one source – about the March 3, 2020, Colorado Presidential Primary (Note: The results shown are +/-):

- President Trump received 619,306 votes, on the Republican ballot.

- On the Dem side, Bernie Sanders received 329,195 votes and Joe Biden, 220,768 votes.

- So…President Trump received 69,443 more votes than the 2 Dem frontrunners combined – and that’s the good news.

- The bad news is that 135,968 more Dems voted than Republicans…

- And, the further bad news is that out of the 1.8 million registered voters in Colorado: 529,206 are Republicans, 670,223 are Dems, and 601,991 are unaffiliated.

…BUT…Republicans have a unique opportunity to make their case to:

- …The majority of voters in both major parties, 55+ years of age, including:

o Older Republicans, who voted by over 100,000 more than older Dems.

o Older unaffiliated voters - nearly 25% of whom are 55+.

- …The 25% of unaffiliated voters who are under 34, and to…

- …The many Dems who will, no doubt, be frustrated by their party’s choice of Presidential candidate.

The case to be made?

…That voting for - and electing - Republicans is the only way to stop the alarming and appalling national movement pushing the U.S. toward socialism. Proof? If you don’t like government intrusion, just check out what the Dem-run State Legislature has been doing to your wallet, your rights and your quality of life...

Yours, for winning BIG in November…

Dorothy Gotlieb, Chairman, AC-GOP

PS...And, don’t forget to RSVP for the March 22, 2020, Lincoln Day Dinner HERE

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