April 2020 Chairman's Blog

Some writing is easy. It rolls right off the “tongue” or the pen – or the computer.

This one doesn’t…

What can any “leader” say when society has suddenly turned upside down - and inside out?

Real people are worried about their families, their businesses and jobs - even keeping their homes, and putting their next meal on the table.

We can’t even breathe.

In-person politics has ground to a halt.

What can any “leader” say to a political group that is homebound in the middle of an election?

This is usually around the time that meeting or contacting people would make the difference between winning or losing an election – and, as you know, this time, it is IMPERATIVE that Republicans win.

So, should this be:

A message of hope? “This too shall pass”…

A message of unity? “We are all in this together”…

A message of determination? “We can do this”…

Well…have done our jobs, to this point:

The AC-GOP held its caucuses.

We adapted, and held our “E”ssemblies.

At some point, we will hold our Lincoln Day Dinner.

There will be a Primary - and a General Election.

…But will our “known universe” ever be the same?

How could we know how lucky we were to have partisan bickering, a fantastic economy, and our health?

How could we have ever known that the horror movies that scared us when we were kids were actually predicting reality – and in its worst form?

…And how could we have ever known that the worst would be that we couldn’t find hand sanitizer or a mask or TP…

Are we fortunate? Yes, of course, we are…

Should we be grateful for what we have, and the country in which we live?

Yes, without a doubt.

…After all, most of us have the Internet, and the ability to stay connected with family and friends – even long-lost friends…And, we have food, shelter, clothing, TVs, Radios, music, art, cooking, games – and so much more to appreciate!

…And that is why politics - and our 2020 elections - are so important.

When (not if) we come through this, you will be asked to turn your anxieties into a re-doubled commitment to work for our County, State and Country, in an increasingly fragile Representative Democracy – and to most especially donate to/help elect our ourstanding 2020 Republican candidates!

So…please be careful, keep your distance, wash your hands, and STAY WELL.

Best, to you and yours.

We miss you…

Dorothy G.

Chairman, AC-GOP

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