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AC-GOP Chairman’s Blog – October 2019

The people in this country just want balance…

Sure, some folks are more conservative than others, and some folks are more liberal/progressive/Socialist than others…And, sure, some folks have a cause in which they believe passionately – whether religious, “genderist”, ethnic, or [you fill in the blank].


  • Most people in this country - no matter their backgrounds, DNA, or issues - do NOT like extreme policies or politicians…or having other peoples’ agendas shoved down their throats.

  • Most people do NOT like to be told what or what not to say; or with whom - or not- to be friends; or where or where not to shop.

  • Most people just want to be left alone to live their lives - in an unquestioned way - as they see fit.

…And, maybe, just maybe, when most people realize just how extreme the Dem agenda has become – and the direction it is moving - maybe most of them will see the light – and vote Republican!

Even though much of the news today is skewed, and/or biased, thinking voters still try to identify who will best represent them – and their interests…and, true, sometimes, they find themselves holding their noses, but Democrats almost always vote a straight D ticket.

Republicans tend to vote for R’s who share their basic principles – but there are, among R’s, some who are purists. They just who won’t vote for anyone, unless that person represents 100% of their views, 100% of the time. What they don’t realize – or want to recognize - is that by not checking that box on their ballot for that one particular Republican, they are helping to elect the other party.

In our State - as of the last election - we now have a one-party State government - without a check or balance on legislation, rules, or policies.

Colorado Dems have waited salivating decades to be in complete charge, and, having been given the chance to lead, by voters in the 2018 election, they have – throughout the last Legislative session - put forward their favorite (read: extreme) causes, and passed many of them without a pang of guilt, but certainly not without consequence to us all.

Please do NOT leave an “R” candidate - box blank!

Here are just a few examples:

  • As if we didn’t have the right to a differing opinion, the Dems turned over the vote of the people of Colorado to more populous states. Unless we overturn this outrageous law on this November’s ballot, Colorado’s Electors will be required to vote for the winner of the National Presidential primary, even if Colorado voters vote for someone else. Republicans worked hard to get this on the ballot!



  • The Dems want to overturnour Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) - even though it allowed Colorado to become the best economy in the US – and gave Coloradans the right to vote on whether to raise their taxes or not.


  • Colorado voters had rejected a proposition to decentralize the oil and gas industrybecause it is a STATE interest, but the Dems in the Legislature decided that they knew better than their voters, and decentralized oil and gas regulation to the local level, where special interests can more easily - and negatively- influence elected officials, as we have been seeing…

  • In Colorado, we have an elected State Board of Education, and locally elected school boards, yet the Legislature overrode both of those - and passed something they called “Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education”. Hey, whatever happened to parents’ responsibility - or to the Statutory requirement for voter - accountable community - representative school boards to determine and adopt curriculum?

  • The Legislature passed the Red Flag Law – Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO), to remove guns from the hands of those deemed at risk for using a firearm in a crime. Sounds good, right? Let’s us prevent crime before it happens! There is, however, a Second Amendment, PLUS the Right to be considered innocent, until proven guilty. The ERPO allows court hearings without the accused being present; forcible entry into a home - at any time - without warning; and, even if the charge is proven to be unjustified, there is no penalty for the accuser. When did we agree to abandon the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution?

  • Youth Education and Suicide Prevention – another great idea - except that parents are not notified that a psychotherapist will be analyzing their child without their consent? What’s that all about?

  • Based on last Session’s legislation, we now get to pay for the higher education of students who do not have lawful immigration status – even when our own kids are deep in debt.

  • …And, we no longer let local government set a supply - and - demand minimum wage…But what if local businesses can’t stay in business because the State - set minimum wage they are required to pay isn’t supported by their local economy? What happens to jobs in our smaller communities?

Please do NOT let your vote go to ANYONE from a party that wants to:

  • …Radically reshape, or even eliminate the Constitution, as written and amended – despite it having served us well for 230+ years.

  • …Place limits on your Right to believe in whichever way you choose. (First Amendment)

  • …Eliminate the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem in schools, and at public events, (for fear of offending someone’s beliefs); and to remove “under God” from public oaths to tell the truth…

  • …Take away your right to defend yourself (Second Amendment)

  • …Raise your taxes to increase the size of government bureaucracy.

  • …Consistently add more Rules and Regulations to our laws.

  • …Make radical changes to the way we live – based on unproven climate change theories that are supported by peer – pressured consensus, rather than by consistently - proven scientific data.

  • …Replace inexpensive energy with much more expensive types – e.g. the bankrupting wind and solar energy that must rely on already heavily – regulated energy sources.

  • …Curtail forms of transportation that allow you to travel as you wish – including restricting airplane, car and ship travel, cutting back on parking spaces in new developments, and supplanting car lanes with restricted – travel bike lanes. (Don’t “they” know that more cars in less lanes increases emission levels?…And what don’t “they” understand about bike riding or electric scooters in snow?

  • …Eliminate your private health coverage, in favor of a universal government – run bureaucratically – regulated medical system that must ration care to be cost –efficient (if it ever could be, anyway...)

  • …Lessen funding for the military – at our peril.

  • …Weaken US support for our ally, Israel - the only true democracy in the Middle East – while defending its radical enemies.

  • …Use an ever-increasing number of personal characteristics to divide the people of this country.

  • …Put more and more controls on what you can say (political correctness), and howyou say it. (First Amendment)

  • …Eliminate US borders – andthe U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency that enforces our immigration laws.

  • …Allow more and more Sanctuary Cities – but doesn’t support the Patriot Act.

  • …Give illegal aliens Constitutional rights (including voting!), and a path to Citizenship, plus has decided that the cost of their education and healthcare should be a tour expense!

  • …Allow automatic voter registration for all – even without proof of Citizenship, and opposesvoter ID laws!

  • …Eliminate the Electoral College (to assure that large – population (“liberal”) States control our elections).

  • …Uphold all prior trade agreements – even if they have taken massive advantage of the USA.

  • …Adopt globalism over US nationalism.

  • …Eliminate farming (including cows).

  • …Rebuild ALL buildings – to make them “green”.

  • …Eliminate school choice – and maintain the failed Common Core State Standards which have all but destroyed the curricula that were supposed to provide our kids with community approved levels of knowledge, skills, values and abilities.

  • …Marginalize law enforcement – at all levels.

  • …Replace Capitalism with Socialism (What? Like in Cuba, China, NoKo, Venezuela…?)

Please do NOT let your friends vote Democrat!

…And please vote for ALL Republicans…

As President Ronald Reagan said,

“The person who agrees with you 80% of the time is a friend and an ally - nota 20% traitor.”


Your comments, concerns, questions, and/or ideas are always welcome at: chair@arapahoerepublicans.org

Thanks for all you have done – and will do!

Dorothy Gotlieb, Chairman

Arapahoe County GOP

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