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AC-Chairman’s Blog – November 2019

Congratulations to those who won what has been one of the more difficult campaigns in AC history.

Thank you to those who fought the good fight, and tried their best. Please stay involved, connected – and consider another run…You are good people; you worked extremely hard; and you are greatly appreciated for stepping forward! THANK YOU!!!!!

Though this election is over, we cannot sit back, because, in 2020, we face another huge election…and it will be formidable.

While this country has been facing an increasingly chaotic political scene, we, in Colorado, have had some measure of fairness, civility, and open opportunity – until recently… Now, as we have been observing, more and more dirty tricks are being played, the press and media have become outrageously biased, and the rules are constantly being changed – and not in our favor. …But this is just a taste of what’s to come…

…And, on top of that, there are divisions within our own Party.

In most races, Republicans have been providing voters with impressive candidate choices, who – when in office – have provided excellent public service. For example, our last election officials actually took great pride in assuring fair elections. Sadly, though, that doesn’t seem to be the case, anymore…

…But…as our past President said, “Elections have consequences.”

The political “change” we have been seeing has not just been about a shift in basic philosophy between two major parties, but rather, it is about our opponents’ all –consuming commitment to winning at any cost, and obvious determination to take over this county, state, and country, in order to install an extremist agenda.

To achieve this goal, the Dems – in and out of office – have been deliberately working to undermine and destroy the uniqueness of the U.S.A., by attacking its foundational documents – specifically, its Freedoms, as enumerated in our Bill of our Rights – and its history, innovative development, traditions, and values.

Certainly, this effort has been ongoing, here and there, for decades – but, of late, the Dems’ drive has become laser-focused, and their tactics ever more refined, as they deliberately move us closer and closer to their radical objectives.

Elections have consequences.

We, Republicans, have been, and are, naïve, if we think we can beat this effort by playing by old rules. Those old rules cannot exist anymore…Why? …Because they don’t – and won’t – work.

Just look at what we saw in Colorado, during this past Legislative session. By the laws they passed, the Dems obviously considered their takeover of the State Senate, House and Governor’s mansion to be a mandate to do anything they wanted – unchecked. If they didn’t think that, they wouldn’t have passed the policies they did, and/or those that Colorado voters had already voted down in prior elections.

Elections have consequences.

By focusing on what we had and did, rather than on what we are up against – we seem unable to recognize, and therefore, to counter the powerful well-funded well-orchestrated party machine, whose loyalists march, in lock – step, to orders from sources that most of us consider to have intolerable and immoral intentions for the future of our county, state, country or world.

Although we have sensed that something isn’t quite right, we haven’t figure out what that something is. We have not understood that this “take over” effort is being supported by lots of money – much of it from out of state; an overtly – biased election system; a new crop of Dem candidates literally trained to disrupt – before and after elections; an ever – present subservient press; and an education system that has been training young people to join the ranks of the “sheeple”.

We must absorb the fact that an unchecked one-party system is a dictatorship. After all, the definition of a dictatorship is that of a government, and its supporters, who tell you what to think, how to act, what to say (and how to say it), and demonize you if you don’t fall in line. Is that not what is happening?

By their actions, the current majority in Colorado’s Legislature has been telling you – to your face – that your vote means nothing to them, and that you had better either go along with the “Party” line, or you are a “deplorable”, to be kicked to the curb, with their contempt.

Elections have consequences.

If you are not already “woke” to what’s going on, it is time to wake up – and to stop being a frog in warming water – unaware of what’s going on, and not knowing what to do. Being worn out, or not having time, is no excuse. We cannot afford to lose. There is too much at stake…

…And we, R’s have another problem …

Certainly, we recognize that disagreement is a key element of a healthy democracy, but there are those within our ranks who believe that they own the definition of what a true Republican is. Those folks won’t vote for anyone who doesn’t fit their tightly – framed description. That has, and will continue to weaken us. Labeling someone a RINO cannot bring us together to take on the other side.

Please know that if you do not vote for a Republican, in a contested race, you are casting a vote for the candidate of the other party! No matter what your frustration is, a Republican in office – as we have seen – is a heckuva lot better than the alternative… Do not leave a Republican box blank!!!!!!!!!

President Reagan’s quote has appeared many times, of late, but is always worth repeating – and internalizing: “The person who agrees with you 80% of the time is a friend and an ally – not a 20% traitor.”

What should bind us together is the deeper understanding of the history that inspired the establishment of our remarkable representative republic – deliberately constructed to save us from repressive government. Every word of our founding documents outlines our rights and responsibilities, and informs us about how we must remain independent and free – willed. While you and I may see issues differently, that must not divide us. We must be E Pluribus Unum one unified party, from many different voices. It is only if we work together that we can stop those who want to end our way of life, and to use the government as a vehicle to dictate how we must think and act.

Many of us have (understandably) become fearful of putting out a yard – sign for a Republican candidate, or wearing a MAGA hat, or speaking out when we hear others say something that isn’t or doesn’t ring true to us, but it is time to stand up for our beliefs, values, and rights. We must not allow a seeping dictatorship to take hold.

To paraphrase the old typing test, now is the time to come to the aid of our Party… Step forward. Decide to run for office. Become a District Captain or a Precinct Leader. Volunteer on a Republican candidate’s campaign. Walk your block. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Donate as much as you can – to Republican candidates and to the AC-GOP……And, above all, vote for ALL Republicans (not just “perfect” Republicans). Because, now, more than ever, you being a Republican – with your vote, your voice, and your activism – means something important…

After all, the 2020 election will have consequences!

Your comments, concerns, questions, and/or ideas are always welcome at: chair@arapahoerepublicans.org

Thanks for all you have done – and will do!

Dorothy Gotlieb, Chairman, Arapahoe County GOP

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