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Stay tuned for election updates this year!



A number of election irregularities have been discovered in the Arapahoe County election process. Among these is that the link to track your ballot is being redirected to the Office of the Colorado Secretary of State.  We used to get notice that our ballots had been counted, but not this year…


Many Republicans have contacted us to say when they went online, they found that their ballots have been rejected, but they never received notice that they could “cure” (fix) their ballots, so they could be counted. 


 (Reasons for rejection might be a signature that doesn’t match what’s on file…)

Please check to see that your ballot was accepted - and counted!



The link is https://www.arapahoevotes.com/


If you can’t find the information there, go to 



Look for “find your registration”, then track your ballot…



If your ballot was rejected call the Arapahoe County Elections Office at 303-795-4511 ASAP and they will send you an email with how to "cure" your ballot online. Or go directly to the Arapahoe County Election Office at: 

5251 South Federal Boulevard

Littleton, CO 80123





Dorothy G - Chairman, AC-GOP