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Where's My Caucus Meeting ?
Scroll down to locate you Precinct Number in the left hand column and look right to find the location. 

All Caucus meetings are held on 
6:30 PM


City of Aurora & Aurora School District

Centennial City Council

Englewood City Council

Greenwood Village City Council

Littleton City Council
& Littleton School Board

Cherry Creek School Board

Statewide Ballot Measures

Did you know? 

      Measures in odd years can only result in a tax increase.

      Measures in even years can only result in a tax decrease.

       2023 is an ODD Year so by law measure HH means a TAX INCREASE!!!

      All measures with letters were referred to the ballot by the legislature.

      Legislators do not need your vote to reduce taxes.
      Legislators do need your vote to increase taxes.

Preserve your TABOR refund check.
Vote NO on Prop HH & Prop II

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

Paid for by Arapahoe Republicans, Registered Agent Marge Klein.  

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