Great, Not Angry

Must Politics Belong to Angry People?

"Politics shouldn’t belong to the outrage brigade."

Look, we get it: politics divides us on key issues, so emotions run high. Chanting at rallies, waving signs, negative ads—these are nothing new.

But lately, crazy rage is driving normal people away from politics, and that’s not right. Examples are endless: Stalking rivals at restaurants and theatres—even their homes? Seriously? Cops are threatened, speakers are unsafe at colleges, and town hall meetings are overrun by “resisters”—complete with scripted questions and mocking chants. Even late-night talk shows are one-sided and nasty.

It’s kind of, well…scary. 

But politics shouldn’t belong to the outrage brigade. Touching on everyone’s lives, politics should belong to good people with positive solutions.  Disagreement?  Sure.  Rage mobs?  No thanks.

That’s why Colorado Republicans—branded the “Great Opportunity Party” since 2013—want to share the Great things happening in America today. It’s an awesome time! Reaching into every sector, opportunity is expanding like rarely before.

So let’s tune out the hate, and tune in the Great.

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Great Has Arrived!

What does “Great” mean to you?  Is it achievement—say, in business, athletics, or academics? Or how about social impact, like first responders saving lives, or charities helping those in need? Great can be everywhere, from climbing mountains to making that last payment on a car.

But however you see Great, here’s the good news: There’s lots of it going around.

·       The job market is booming, with more jobs than people seeking them. Who thought we’d see that again? Great Has Arrived!

·       An economy that only expanded by 1.5% in 2016, jumped to 2.3% in 2017, and now could top 3% in 2018. That’s BIG opportunity for families and communities. Great Has Arrived!

·       Socially, many Americans are rejecting dividers—those pitting us against each other by race, gender, or other group status. Why? Because we just want to like each other, celebrating a common love of country. Embracing Dr. King’s vision, many of us want to value each other by character rather than color. Great Has Arrived!

·       Courts are becoming less activist, and more originalist—meaning laws are made by people you can vote on, not lifetime appointees. That puts you in charge. Great Has Arrived!

Protecting Great

What is Great for you? That’s your call. As Republicans, we just want to remove roadblocks from your path. Really, that’s our politics—controlling our own lives, not yours.

"Great Has Arrived, and it’s you!"

We believe government should protect Great, such as stopping harassment in the workplace or drugs at the border. We believe government should let you keep more of your money, while providing fewer hoops and regulations to jump through when building your business. We support your rights to defend yourself lawfully, worship freely, and speak openly—without being harassed by those who disagree. 

In short, while the outrage brigade believes in bullying, we believe in you. You are the reason our changes since 2016 have unleashed prosperity. You are the reason we can stand tall with other nations, negotiating peace through strength, not weakness. You are a people looking for ways to unite, not divide.

Great Has Arrived, and it’s you!