Investigation report of V.A. hospital says the project has poor management.

Molly Armbrister- Denver Business Journal

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has released findings following its investigation of the troubled Department of Veterans Affairs hospital project in Aurora, pointing to many of the same causes for the project's overruns that VA officials have mentioned earlier.

The report, which can be found here, mentions inexperience with the type of contract used for the project, as well as poor management, but offers no specifics on where the $1.1 billion in overages went or who is responsible for the cost overruns or delays in finishing the project.

The report was released Thursday but dated June 8.

Many of the reasons for the project's issues laid out in the report have been mentioned by VA officials in the past. The report echoes and in some cases cites a decision by the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals in December that led to a work stoppage on the project after it was found that the VA was in breach of contract with its general contracting consortium Kiewit-Turner.

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