Watch for these 5 issues in the Colorado Statehouse this upcoming week

ABC 7NEWS Denver 

DENVER - Colorado lawmakers have a packed fourth week of the 2015 legislative session. To keep track of what's coming up, five things to watch for this week:

-- GUNS --

Colorado's perennial heated arguments over gun rights are slated to begin this week.

Monday, a Democratic House committee starts work on five gun bills, including new concealed carry regulations and a repeal of 2013's background-check expansion.

A similar background-check measure gets a Senate hearing the same day, in a GOP committee more inclined to approve it.



Expect a lot of action this week on marijuana.

Senate committees are likely to advance bills to renew medical marijuana regulations and to add dispensaries to the list of places where customers can't use government benefit cards at ATMs.

In the House, a committee is expected to vote Tuesday on a divisive proposal to post signs warning pregnant women about using marijuana.


Many drivers hate red-light cameras, but police agencies and local governments say they save lives and officers' time.

Proposals to eliminate the cameras have been one of the most interesting cases of bipartisanship in recent years -- both parties have influential lawmakers with strong opinions for or against a ban.

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