Responses to immigration from our Colorado officials

Brandon Rittiman-- KUSA

DENVER—Enthusiasm and defiance marked the range of responses from Colorado politicians after a court ruling against the Obama administration's next steps on immigration.

A federal judge's ruling this week in Texas sent shockwaves across the country by blocking executive actions the Obama administration hoped to use to extend legal status to millions of additional people who lack legal status to be in the country.

Many people who would have qualified were prepared to begin applying for protection from deportation this week.

As the White House fired back, quickly announcing its plans to appeal, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, a Democrat, said those immigrants shouldn't give up hope.

"I want to encourage all of the immigrants in this city and this state to continue to pursue and prepare their papers, because I believe that very soon and inevitably, the decision in Texas will be overturned and we'll be able to move forward with the bold action that the president signed into executive order," Hancock said.

The mayor spoke to a gathered group of pro-immigrant activists at the city's main library branch.

What the mayor sees as a "commonsense" step from the White House, Republicans see as a dramatic overreach now called out by the third branch of government.

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