Delegate Fraud and Manipulation

The Colorado Republican Committee is aware of an effort  to spread misinformation about the CRC's Rule 16(f) filing to the RNC and argue on the basis of this misinformation that the filing may have some impact on our delegation being seated at the National Convention.

First, a little background.  The primary purpose of Rule 16(f) is to ensure that Republican presidential campaigns all receive the same information about each state and territory’s delegate selection process.  It is intended to prevent a State Party from “playing favorites” by giving differing information to different campaigns.

The CRC acknowledges that there were minor clerical errors in the 400+ page Rule 16(f) filing.  We have consulted with the RNC throughout this process, and based on those discussions, we are confident that these clerical errors do not affect the validity of our 16(f) filing or jeopardize our delegation.  We are committed to affirming that our presence and impact at the Convention in July of 2016 will be maximized in representing Republican voters from Colorado.  National Delegate candidates will receive intent to run forms (that were included in the package) and are absolutely accurate.

Chairman House and I are concerned that the misperception that our delegates could be impacted by the error in our Rule 16(f) filing may dissuade some Republicans from participating in the 2016 caucus process.  Therefore, I write to ask you to continue to encourage other Republicans to participate in the caucus process, including seeking election as a National Delegate.  Our party is stronger if there is broad and vigorous participation in the caucus process and is weakened if party members are dissuaded from participation.

Just a reminder: the CRC is committed to combating delegate fraud and the manipulation of the delegate selection process.  If you become aware of this type of activity, please report it to the CRC immediately.

Thank you for your attention and your work on behalf of our Party.  Together, we can assure a fair delegate selection process in 2016.