President Obama wants to increase government spending by $74 billion


President Barack Obama’s 2016 budget proposal includes $74 billion in discretionary spending above the levels permitted by sequestration, a White House official said Thursday.

The increase amounts to a 7 percent increase over sequestration levels. The budget includes $530 billion in non-defense discretionary spending, an increase of $37 billion over the limits, the official said.

Obama’s defense spending proposal totals $561 billion, $38 billion more than the spending caps.

The announcement provides the first details of how much Obama will propose increasing spending when he releases his full budget proposal on Monday. He’s going to make the case that the next round of automatic spending cuts, which are scheduled to begin in October, should be canceled so Congress can spend more on national security and domestic needs — especially now that the Congressional Budget Office has reported that short-term deficits are shrinking.

Republicans are rejecting that argument, saying the nation’s long-term spending pressures are still a problem and Obama’s proposals do nothing about them. They’d prefer to live within the lower spending limits and are likely to base their own budget proposals on the reduced levels later this year.

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