VIDEO: 9News Truth Test completely rips Beauprez attack ad

Brandon Rittiman --- 9News

KUSA-- Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez is a former congressman, a rancher and a former banker. It's that last item Democrats are focused on.

Gov. John Hickenlooper's (D-Colorado) allies have tried before to portray his challenger as greedy and reckless in his past banking experience.

That theme returns in a second ad from a new group backing Hickenlooper called "Making Colorado Great," which gets funding from unions and the Democratic Governor's Association.

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CLAIM: "[Beauprez] owned a bank. Then Beauprez went to Congress and supported a law to loosen regulations on banks, like his."

VERDICT: True, but needs context.

This refers to a bill that came up in our last Truth Test of an ad by this group.

Like the last time, the ad doesn't tell you the bill never actually became law.

We rated a prior claim about this bill "spin" because it also described the intent of the bill as "to make it easier for banks, like his, to get away with risky practices."

This ad drops the spin and more accurately describes the bill, which would have eased regulation of small community banks like Heritage Bank, the one Beauprez owned.

CLAIM: "Beauprez sold his bank, but the bank failed to disclose almost $20 million in bad loans." 

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