RGA commits $1.25 million in advertising in support of Beauprez

Sandra Fish --- Colorado Public Radio 

The Republican Governor’s Association (RGA) gets back in the TV ad game this week to the tune of at least $1.25 million through October. Those ads likely will be a continuation of a campaign disparaging Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper that began in late August and continued through mid-September. 

The RGA’s total of almost $3 million in political ad buys compares with almost $4.4 million in attack ads against Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez scheduled by Making Colorado Great. The group is funded by the Democratic Governors Association, several unions and others.

The big picture

But that’s just a portion of the nearly $80 million in political TV ads aired or scheduled to air in Colorado during the 2014 election season. As of Sept. 26, the ads would consume more than 33 days of airtime if run back-to-back.

Almost 40 percent of those ads have yet to air with a little over a month before Election Day, an analysis of TV station filings with the Federal Communications Commission shows.

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