Ken Buck: Denying Citizens United film hinders free speech

Ken Buck ---- Guest Editorial from the Denver Post (commentary) 

The Colorado Democratic Party has struck another blow against the First Amendment by attempting to silence a documentary film that discusses the current political and policy atmosphere in Colorado.

The film intended to inform Coloradans before the election, and partisan politics prevailed over the public's right to know the truth.

Under current Colorado law, any film that includes footage of candidates running for office has to register with the Secretary of State's office and file burdensome campaign finance reports. The film's producer, Citizens United, filed suit seeking to be treated as any other media entity.

A federal judge ruled against Citizens United's motion for a preliminary injunction this week, effectively prohibiting the producer from releasing its movie.

I would have been appearing in their upcoming film, "Rocky Mountain Heist." The film explores the story of how wealthy liberals have radically transformed our state, turning it from red to blue in just a few short years.

They've run a systematic campaign to undermine conservative values, restructure the state's economic policies, and restrict our constitutional rights.

This is an important story that needs to be told to all Coloradans and adds significant information to the marketplace of ideas.

Unfortunately, it's currently sitting on a shelf because the state of Colorado and the Colorado Democratic Party don't believe that documentary filmmaking is legitimate media activity.

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