Millennials most politically engaged generation on social media

Kimberlee Morrison ---- Social Times 

Millennials can be a hard demographic to nail down when it comes to marketing. We know that as a demographic, they enjoy user generated content, and video seems to be pretty appealing, but because the definition of the generation is so broad, hard data points can be hard to come by. ShareThis has created an infographic analyzing the habits of 58 million of them in an attempt to better understand the group.

Millennials have been described in the past as disaffiliated, particularly when it comes to politics. However, the data from ShareThis demonstrates that millennials are just engaged in a different way. Nearly 90 percent of millennials browse the Web for information on government and politics, which is the most popular category for sharing.

The most popular platform for sharing political posts is Reddit, which sees 23 percent more political posts than other networks. The important thing to note here is that while at least half of millennials are not affiliated with a political party, 47 percent share politics and government content, which is 2.4 times as much as the general population.

More than 60 percent of millennials share content about world politics — that’s a rate of three times the general population. Indeed, this demographic is more politically involved across the board. Forty-seven percent discuss local politics, 2.6 times above average; 37 percent discuss the law, 2.1 more than average; and 23 percent of them discuss the boring field of government resources at 1.6 times the average.

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