Coloradans, you're living in the fourth happiest state in the nation

Howard Pankratz --- The Denver Post 

Colorado is the fourth happiest state in the U.S.A., because, by golly, we ranked second for "emotional and physical well-being," ninth in "work rank," and 10th in "community, environment and recreational activities."

The report and accompanying data were complied by WalletHub and released Tuesday.

The key segment of "emotional and physical well-being" was broken into numerous categories with Colorado ranking fairly high in eight measures.

The state ranked seventh on the Hedonometer - which measures personal expression of happiness online.

The state ranked 6th in "income level," 10th in the "satisfaction index" (measures self-reported levels of general satisfaction with life) 11th in "life expectancy," and 14th in the physical health index, which measures self-reported effects of disease on personal happiness.

Colorado slips into the middle in income growth rate (21st); divorce rate (23rd) and depression rate, 24th.

The Wallet Hub authors took a special look at whether money influences happiness.

It said its study suggests that life satisfaction, one of the two main components of happiness beside emotional well-being, increases as income rises but only up to $75,000. Beyond that, said the study, money makes little difference in a person's overall happiness.

Coloradans also ranked high (No. 3) in the lowest prevalence of inadequate sleep, lowest percentage of people overweight or obese (No. 2); and sports participation rate (No. 3).

"Work rank" measured items such as commute time, income level, work hours, long-term unemployment, job security and income growth rate.

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