Who’s the boss? According to Hickenlooper, it’s his donors

Colorado GOP Press Announcement

August 6, 2014

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. – A new video clip released today by Revealing Politics shows Democrat Gov. John Hickenlooper explaining the reason he opposed legislation was because his “large donors” told him to.

Speaking at the now infamous meeting with Colorado’s sheriffs in Aspen, Hickenlooper stated:

“Part of who called into my senior staff were these large donors….  We got calls from very successful business people saying, 'Don't you dare go near signing something like that in an election year.’”

Earlier this year, Hickenlooper came under scrutiny after video from the same meeting surfaced of him lying to sheriffs.  At the meeting, Hickenlooper stated that he never spoke to another Democratic donor, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, about laws he forced through the legislature that criminalize law abiding gun owners.  Hickenlooper went on to state that the reason he signed the legislation was because a member of his staff promised a lawmaker that he would. 

Hickenlooper later defended his comments stating: “I didn’t know this was public, that this was going to be recorded.” 

Colorado Republican Committee Chairman Ryan Call released the following statement following Hickenlooper’s announcement:

“Gov. Hickenlooper has made it abundantly clear -- in both word and action -- that he only cares about helping those who can write him a check.  Coloradans deserve a governor who will listen to their concerns and fight for their needs, whether they make a political contribution or not.”