Does the road to the White House run through Aurora?

The Denver Post has a fascinating piece on Mike Coffman's re-election battle and what it means for Republicans in 2016 and beyond.

Originally from The Denver Post:

WASHINGTON — Rarely does political science bear resemblance to actual science. But Colorado's 6th Congressional District this year offers what could be an ideal experiment for the Republican Party and its ambitions of winning the White House in 2016 and beyond.

Under the microscope is the campaign of U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, a third-term Republican from Aurora in the fight of his political life against Democrat Andrew Romanoff.

The race is close for several reasons, but of key interest to national Republicans is the racial breakdown of the boomerang-shaped district, which curves around Denver's eastern border. Almost to the percentage point, the district mirrors how the nation is divided demographically — including its 20 percent Latino population.

With Latinos and other minorities on the rise politically, some Republicans say it is imperative for their party to figure out how to broaden its appeal beyond its traditional base. Otherwise, the Grand Old Party risks irrelevancy in a country projected to become 31 percent Latino by 2060.