Ashton Carter, conservative weapons expert, named as successor to Secretary of Defense Hagel

JOSEPH PERTICONE  --- The Independent Journal 

After former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced hisresignation last week, rumors have been flying about who would take his place.

Well, the word is in: Ashton Carter was named as the successor to Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense this morning.

Carter hasn’t been confirmed yet, but according to several administration officials, Carter is President Obama’s top choice for Secretary of Defense.

So what are Carter’s qualifications?

Well, he hasn’t served in the military, but Carter did serve as Deputy Defense Secretary under Hagel as well as Leon Panetta, and he was a professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School.

Commenting on Carter’s nomination, Michael O’Hanlon, a defense industry analyst at the Brookings Institution, said:

“His career has sort of prepared him perfectly for this kind of a moment.”

“On paper and in terms of his resume and preparation you probably couldn’t do much better.”

Carter is widely viewed as “master of managing large budgets” and a weapons acquisitions expert. He is known to be more fiscally conservative on Capitol Hill in terms of national defense.

But Carter lacks experience, when compared to Hagel. He has never served in the military and has spent his entire career in the Pentagon and in academia.

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