How can Facebook help voters predict the outcome of our midterms?

Rob Bluey --- The Daily Signal 

Facebook’s massive reach and emergence as a top source of news make it a critical component to any political campaign.

But even in 2014, with less than two weeks until Election Day, there are wide disparities how Democrats and Republicans are leveraging the platform to win on Nov. 4.

This week, Facebook made available a race-by-race dashboard that “shows how many people on Facebook are liking and discussing the candidates in races nationwide.” It tracks nearly 1,000 candidates and contains data on the 435 congressional districts, as well as the U.S. Senate races and gubernatorial contests.

“More Americans get political news and information on Facebook than almost anywhere else,” a Facebook spokesman told The Daily Signal. “And, on Facebook, campaigns at every level can reach and mobilize precisely the group of voters they need to talk to with the exact right message—before and on Election Day.”

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