VIDEO: Should Coloradans be concerned about voter fraud in upcoming election?

Steve Staeger, KUSA 

DENVER – Colorado's secretary of state says he anticipates there will be attempted voter fraud in this year's election, but he believes county clerks are keeping vigilant.

"I can't promise people that it will happen," Sec. of State Scott Gessler said. "I can't promise people that it can't happen. But what I can say is we've got a pretty good system and we're always trying to make it better."

County clerks are required by law to verify signatures on ballots. Gessler says there is a loophole in that law allowing signatures to go unverified if a witness signs the ballot.

But clerks contend witness signatures are rare, and they still have the power to scrutinize those ballots if they seem suspicious.

Gessler also said a weak part of the law is that while people are limited in the number of ballots they can bring to the election office, there is no way to enforce that limit.

"If it's over 10, that's a violation," Gessler said. "How you catch that? We don't have those systems in place right now."

But clerks contend safeguards are in place to stop fraud.

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