More than 400 Colorado businesses endorse Beauprez

Ed Sealover --- The Denver Business Journal 

Bob Beauprez, Republican candidate for Colorado governor, announced his coalition of business supporters Monday — nearly three months after Democratic incumbent Gov. John Hickenlooper had unveiled his — and said at a news conference that he would create a chief financial officer position for the state of Colorado if elected.

The announcement was the latest in a series of economic proposals the Republican former congressman has laid out as he seeks to unseat the Democratic governor in what most pollsters say has become an extremely close race.

Standing in front of a group of 21 businesspeople at the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association, Beauprez said his list of more than 400 business supporters seeks to make a point he’s repeated often throughout the campaign — that while the economy is going well for some in the state of Colorado, it’s not going so well for everybody.

Unemployment remains higher here than in many surrounding states, and parts of Colorado — such as Grand Junction and Colorado Springs — experienced negative growth last year, he said.

“That’s why I hear the question all the time: Does he — meaning Gov. John Hickenlooper — know that he’s no longer the mayor of Denver, that he’s governor of a bigger state?” Beauprez said.

The list of supporters is bigger than Hickenlooper’s 120-person business endorsement team, and it is heavy with representatives of the construction industry and sprinkled with small businesspeople and some energy-company leaders as well.

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