Could the GOP see a record-breaking sweep on Election Day?

Kelley Beaucar Vlahos ---- Fox News 

Congressional Republicans, buoyed by the president’s unpopularity, aren’t just looking to keep control of the House this year. They want to build a historic majority, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the end of World War II.

GOP leaders for months have been pushing what they call their “Drive to 245” – an ambitious plan to bring their numbers in the House to 245 seats. To get there, the party would have to win a net 11 seats.

By most accounts, the odds lean against the party hitting that historic goal; the GOP would need to execute a near-flawless performance on Election Day. But political observers aren’t ruling anything out.

“I think the Republicans winning 11 [new seats] is a possibility. It’s not a likely scenario, but I don’t think you can dismiss it entirely,” said Nathan Gonzalez, managing editor of The Rothenberg Political Report.

Republicans, with 234 seats (or 233, when ex-GOP leader Eric Cantor's resignation is factored in, though that seat is considered safe), are increasingly confident they’ll at least hold onto the House.

Hitting 245 amounts to bragging rights more than anything – as it would give the GOP an advantage over Democrats not seen since the Democratic Truman administration, when Republicans had 246 members following the 1946 elections. To be sure, Republicans the last two sessions have enjoyed a majority not seen in decades. But hitting 245 would put them right up against that Truman-era mark.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) claims they are bearing down on the prize.

Daniel Scarpinato, NRCC spokesman, said the “Drive to 245,” which was launched with a video back in May, was an “aspirational goal” -- but is considered “ambitious but achievable, and it’s gotten people really pumped up about picking up seats in the House.”

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