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Arapahoe County Republicans-Happy 4th of July


As we prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July, I have been wondering what the Gentlemen, who signed the Declaration of Independence, would think of the United States today.


They would see a Country that stretches from the coasts that they knew to a country that spans a continent—three mountain ranges, massive rivers, expansive plains. They would see people who have come to this country, with hope, determination and, just a bit of, luck. They would see original residents in the expanse of the plains and deserts. They would see huge cities, and large populations. They would see the throbbing excitement of our modern world, pulsating with adventure, purpose and duty.

They would see a Country that has given birth to some of the most amazing inventions, from their time to now. I think Benjamin Franklin would be fascinated with computers, technology, semi-trucks, steamships, railroad engines, trains of different types, moving people and goods across this nation, for our and the world’s consumption. Through Invention and technology America has surged forward to take on the world.

John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin were among those Declaration signers who pledged their lives, their liberty and their fortune that July day, in Philadelphia. They did not know what the future had in store, but they moved forward, fearless and with a faith that all would be well, at the end of the day. The day was many years later. The scars of War were intense on this young Country—America. There were divisions in those years. But, in the end, people came together.

Our Military was hammered by climate and weapons. They were small, compared to our enemy, Britain, the Great Britain. Yet, this small army under General George Washington, prevailed and a new Country, America, came into being with a revolutionary idea—freedom, self-determination, and the belief that a man could create his own destiny.

Only 100 years later, America was once again divided—slavery, imports and tariffs drove stakes into the heart of America. Slavery—the trafficking of human flesh—was abolished. The Country lost a President, Abraham Lincoln, to a dreaded Assassin. But, the country started to come together after the Civil War. We had our difference—Silver Standard, Gold Standard, Industrial Expansion—but we came together. Great waves of Immigration from Asia and Europe flooded our cities and brought ‘spice’ to our country. America was becoming a teenager, with all the self-doubt, bravado, and courage to take stands in the World. As Winston Churchill described America, "You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else."

Our Armies participated in the Spanish American War, World Wars I and II, the Korean Conflict, Vietnam, and, in the recent past, Iraq and Afghanistan. Our men and women are brave, strong and dedicated servants of the toughest boss of all—liberty. She stands in the harbor of New York City, while she welcomes those coming to our shores; she exhorts each and every one of us to be the best American we can be. Currently, we are divided as we have never been.


There are people that are ashamed of America. To those people, I say, then you must be ashamed of yourself! It is a statement about what you see within you, about what you have held yourself back from, what you are afraid of. The America that I see, is still growing, thriving, and arguing with itself as she tries to do the best she can and be the best that she can be.

There will always be differences; there will always be divergent opinions, deep fears, displacement. America should not be judged by what we haven’t done, but rather by what we have done and are trying to do. We know there is no excuse for human trafficking, hunger and lack of shelter. But, we are trying to repair these awful societal issues. All of us are damaged people of a sort—we are scared to succeed, scared to fail, scared to move forward or to stay in one place. We eat and drink too much—or not enough. We see disease and our parents age—we see our futures too.

But there is much to cheer as well. We have children and people who seek to make the world and America better. We strive to give dignity to all, and we sometimes succeed. We learn to treasure and celebrate small triumphs and incredible successes.

I believe in America the Beautiful. I am hopeful, optimistic and in love with every ideal we enunciate. I believe that the only thing that holds us back, individually and as a country, is ourselves.


SO…Happy Birthday America, land of the free and the home of the brave!


Happy 4th of July


Joy Hoffman, Chair

Arapahoe County Republicans

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