Great Healthcare: Controlling Costs, Not People

Here’s a guarantee about single-payer, “Universal Healthcare:” When everyone pays for everyone, YOU PAY MORE—WAY MORE.  

"When everyone pays for everyone, YOU PAY MORE."

Should this be a surprise? The next time a “Universal Healthcare” advocate tells you how government-run “cost sharing” will magically lower costs and increase quality, think about two things:

1. Obamacare forced more “cost sharing,” and costs skyrocketed. Since the ACA began, individual premiums have basically doubled, while family premiums are up about 140%.

And this doesn’t even include deductibles, which have also risen dramatically.  

2. The whole message of forced cost sharing through government is just crazy. Think how this sounds:  “You must help pay for everyone to have access to everything, but please use as little as possible yourself! Help us control costs!”

Wow.  Just…wow. 

Here’s reality:  If you’re forced to help pay for full access, you will soon feel cheated when others use more of it—especially when some of them pay less. So you’ll use all you can to get your money’s worth. And when everyone uses all they can, this “cost sharing” becomes cost-exploding—just as we’ve seen with Obamacare.  

Worse yet, keep in mind that Obamacare is only Universal Healthcare…lite. The exploding costs we’ve seen over the past 5 years are only a taste of what we’d get with full, single-payer, Universal Healthcare. 

Beware of Word Games

So how do advocates of Universal Healthcare convince some people to accept it?  

Word games.  

Their favorite approach is calling healthcare a “basic human right.” Why do they say this? Because once people accept this statement, then anyone not wanting Universal Healthcare must be against human rights. Oh yes, anyone denying Universal Healthcare must be a villain. 

But think about it: How could today’s healthcare standards—which didn’t exist for all of human history until a few decades ago—be “basic human rights?”  Did “basic human rights” with healthcare never exist until now? That’s crazy.  

Today's healthcare standards are wonderful, but access to all modern medical procedures at all times is not a "basic human right."  It's a cost explosion.  

Fact is, anyone calling these advancements "basic human rights" is trying to con you.  Why?  So you’ll embrace government-run “cost-sharing.”  

And, as we've tasted with Obamacare, this word game will come at enormous costs—to you and your family.

Real Solutions – No Games

Today, Republicans are proposing real ideas for lowering costs and increasing quality.  No government-forced cost-sharing.  No deceptive word games. Just real solutions for real people.

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 10.38.50 PM.png

"The more insurers compete for your money, the better it is for you."

Here are some examples:

·       States’ Rights: First and foremost, let all 50 states try their own blend of solutions—no top-down, national program. This allows these 50 idea factories to test solutions, finding what works best for them. Then they can learn from each other’s successes.

·       Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s): Provide greater access to HSA’s, so each American can freely choose how to spend and budget healthcare dollars. Do you know the greatest tool for saving costs and raising quality? It’s you—the empowered consumer.

·       Increase Supply of Healthcare to drive down costs:   Today’s healthcare system is built around outdated systems. Doctors get paid only if they physically see patients. Phone and internet consultations are discouraged, although Medicare will pay for telemedicine services in rural areas. 

Moreover, use of devices that monitor vital signs and alert healthcare providers to changes are often discouraged because of liability, privacy and reimbursement laws.

It’s time for a holistic approach, changing the law to take advantage of new technologies, and requiring in-patient visits only when necessary.  This would free up valuable doctor time, while reducing burdens on caregivers who may have to transport patients.  For more ideas, check out this article:

·       Buying Across State Lines: The more insurers compete for your money, the better it is for you.

·       Freedom in Buying: As of January 2019, there will no longer be an Obamacare penalty—meaning if you don’t want to buy a plan, you won’t be penalized.  It’s your call!  This gives you freedom to choose what—or if—you buy. That’s a very good thing.


Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 10.32.53 PM.png

Your Choice – Your Savings

Maybe you like some of these ideas. Or perhaps you have better ones. But remember, when government takes control, then what other people want is imposed on you.  More government means less choice…for you.

Here’s the big point: Other people shouldn’t jack up your costs. 

·       If they want expensive modern treatments, that’s not a “basic human right.”  It’s a fine choice, but it’s on them—not you.

·       If they don’t want to control spending through Health Savings Accounts, that’s on them—not you. 

·       If they want to see doctors for everything—rather than lower costs through new technologies—that’s on them, not you.

·       If they want to buy policies from only one state, that’s on them—not you.

Freedom in healthcare. When you are empowered with choices and the word games stop…

…then Great Has Arrived.