Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I get a mail ballot even though I didn’t request it?

All Colorado voters now receive mail ballots.  If you would like to vote in person, at a polling place, you have the option to surrender your mail-in ballot by bringing it with you to the voting place on Election Day.

If I decide to vote in person, do I need identification?

Yes, all in-person voters must provide identification.  Check the Colorado Secretary of State’s website for the full list of acceptable forms of identification.

When is the next election?

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

What offices are up for election this year?

The 2019 Coordinated Election will determine the outcome of ballot issues and races for local municipalities, school districts and special districts in Arapahoe County. Check back here for more information as the election gets closer.

What is a precinct?

Each precinct is comprised of neighborhoods that are connected geographically and contain approximately 1500 registered voters. 

What is a Precinct leader?

A Precinct Leader (PL) represents the Republican voters that live within his or her precinct.  The PL works to ensure that Republicans and unaffiliated voters that live in their precinct are aware of elections, candidates, and how to vote.  A PL is elected in even numbered years for a two-year term at the precinct caucus.

What is a caucus and how can I participate?

A caucus is a meeting open to registered Republicans residing within a precinct.  The purpose of the caucus is to elect delegates to attend various assemblies, to recommend party platform stances to the Republican Party, and to elect two Precinct Leaders to represent the precinct.

In order to participate in a Republican Caucus, an individual must be a registered voter residing within the precinct for 2 months prior to the caucus meeting and be affiliated with the Republican Party for 30 days prior to the caucus date.

There is no caucus this year, as caucus is held every two years. The last caucus was in 2018, so the next one will be 2020.

I’d like to help!  What is the best way to get involved?

Jump in and attend one of the events posted regularly on this site, get in touch with your Precinct Leader, or call our headquarters and ask.  We are excited to get new people involved!

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