Great Education: Choice With Peace

Let’s suppose there was only one kind of restaurant—no options.  

Suddenly, everyone would fight over what food was provided—as well as types of service, hours of operation, pricing…everything. Imagine the battles!  There would be huge, expensive campaigns, with everyone desperately hoping their kind of restaurant would win on Election Night.  Turned against each other, good people would have to force other good people to eat their way.  

Things would get ugly.

Thankfully, we all have choice. There are no “Restaurant Board” elections, with winners imposing their views. Neighbors aren’t divided. There’s no fear, no hard feelings—and price and quality are outstanding due to competition. Restaurant choice doesn’t just bring freedom…it brings peace.

Education Peace, Your Way

Sadly, we don’t always have such peace in education, as anyone who can’t afford to pay twice (taxes plus private school costs) must put their kids in Public Schools. Are these schools bad? Of course not! Public Schools can be wonderful, but they come from one basic type—while kids come from many. 

And having one option leaves us fighting over everything that option provides.

"The main goal of schools should be your child’s success,not anyone’s agenda—including ours."

This is why Republicans favor choice in education, be it Public, charter, private, tax deductions, vouchers, homeschooling—the sky’s the limit. We don’t want good people fighting each other! With choice, money per student stays the same, but everyone—parents, teachers, kids—is free to enjoy settings best suited to their priorities. Choice puts good people—like you—in charge!

So, how do you know you if you like Republican education ideas? It’s simple:  

  • If you want to control how your kids are taught, you’ll support choice—same as us.

  • But if you want to control how other parents’ kids are taught, you’ll oppose choice.

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 10.23.35 PM.png

After all, the main goal of schools should be your child’s success, not anyone’s agenda—including ours. You know your child’s hopes and dreams better than any politician, so don’t you deserve as much freedom choosing how they learn…as you have where they eat?

And don’t our communities deserve more peace?

We think so.

Because when parents are trusted to guide their kids' futures—when no one controls anyone else—then Great Has Arrived!