Jobs and The GREAT Economy

There is nothing like a job. The feeling of “I earned this!” with each paycheck, building camaraderie with a team, getting to know regular customers—even stressing over deadlines and projects. It all says, “I matter. I’m needed. I’m paid to make lives better.”  


Unfortunately, there’s also nothing like being out of work.  Waiting by the phone, bad memories, nervousness over that next interview…it’s an empty feeling.  Sure, government checks and food stamps pay some bills, but these don’t provide what we really want: A job. A work family. Another place to be needed.

That’s why today’s booming job market is so GREAT for Americans from every community.  Look at the following facts, but also think about every life they change:  

·      Unemployment recently hit its lowest level in 18 years, with black and Hispanic unemployment at the lowest levels ever.

·      As of June 2018, we actually have more jobs available than people seeking them.

·      Thanks to GOP Tax Cuts, about 90% of American workers receive more take-home pay, and well over 3 million workers have received bonuses.

·      Since 2016, over 3 million fewer people need food stamps.

In short, millions more Americans know the thrill of being needed, not the fear of being needy. Great Has Arrived!

Talking About Rich People...

Let me start with a truth you might never have heard: Republicans are not “the Party of the rich.” 

Surprised? Don’t be. Many of America’s richest people—Hollywood stars and producers, many athletes, tech titans, coffee giants—aren’t Republican at all.  Do you know where 7 of the 10 richest counties in America are located?  They surround Washington DC—as non-Republican a city as you’ll find.


In fact, I (the writer) am not rich. Never will be. 

I just love people, and pitting them against each other based on “who’s got more” creates bitterness, envy, and frankly, lots of lies.

For instance, some politicians insist compassion comes in taxing more from “the rich,” forcing them to “pay their fair share.” There are several problems with this—big problems affecting us all:

1. The rich already pay well beyond their “fair share.” For instance, in 2014 the top 10% of earners made 47.21% of income in America (easy to imagine—just think what a Hollywood star makes for one film), but paid a whopping70.88% of federal income taxes. Fact is, the rich pay a much higher percentage than they make.

2. Job creation comes from people who have lots of money.  Look, creating jobs is expensive—and risky. The market could shift. The employee might not work out. Competitors could move in, and when foreign competitors have lower costs, lower corporate taxes, and fewer regulations, jobs move overseas. That’s why most jobs are created by people with lots of money, and thanks to better conditions with Republican leadership, more jobs are being created today—right here in America. 

3. Next, if I take more of what you have, won’t you cling to what you have left?  Of course you will, and the rich are no different. Unfortunately, when rich people “cling to what’s left,” they hire less, promote less, buy less, invest less, charge more for their products—basically, raising their taxes just raises everyone’s taxes, but makes the rich do it.  

The reverse also applies with tax cuts. Lowering taxes for the great majority of Americans, the recent Republican tax bill also lowered corporate tax rates. The results? Businesses expanded here in America, hiring jumped, and good people were lifted out of poverty.

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 9.21.34 PM.png

So rather than pit Americans against each other with class warfare, we united Americans with prosperity. Clinging less, Americans are spending more—at every level. Great Has Arrived!

4. Finally, ask yourself 3 simple questions:

  • Do I want my employer to be poorer?

  • Do I want my top customers to be poorer?

  • Do I want all my customers’ employers to be poorer?

Just as we can’t take water from one side of a cup without affecting the other side, we can’t just take more taxes from one group.  Everyone is affected…a lot.

Opportunity = Real Compassion

Rather than pitting groups against each other for political gain, Republicans want lower taxes and fewer regulations for everyone—meaning more opportunity for all. And look at the results!  It works!

Sure, we believe in a social safety net, but it should plug people back into the free market, not disconnect them from it. Welfare and other programs work best when helping people gain confidence and skills, staying engaged in the workplace. There are good programs like this! The last thing Republicans want is unemployed people feeling isolated, with the workplace becoming distant and intimidating. That’s not compassionate, and Americans deserve better.

Republicans want Americans united by opportunity, not divided by politicians buying one group’s votes with another group’s money—all at the expense of jobs. Republicans aren’t “the Party of the rich.” We’re the Party that says, “Earn what you get, pay your fair share, and help everyone around you be needed, not needy.”

Because there’s nothing like a job.  Being needed is GREAT, and in this booming economy, Great Has Arrived!

Now that is real compassion.