SB19-042 National Popular Vote- Red Flag Bill!

Bill Summary:   PASSED SB19-042 - contrary to the US Constitution – would requireALL of Colorado’s Electors to vote for the winner of the national popular vote - no matter for which candidate the majority of Colorado’s voters voted.  In effect, it disenfranchisesand ignoresthe will of Colorado voters.


Bill sponsors:  Sen. M. Foote(D) | Rep. E. Sirota(D) | Rep. J. Arndt(D)

Comment: If this had been in effect in the last election, the Democrat would have become president.


Bill Status: This Bill was passed by both Houses (Senate and House) of the General Assembly - and is on its way to the governor’s desk for his signature.


Activities around the Bill:

·       Several people have petitioned the CO Secretary of State’s (SOS’s) office for a repeal referendum

·       The petition request will be processed as soon as Governor Polis signs the bill into law – at which time the SOS’s office will begin preparing official petition forms. 

·       Petitions would be available for signatures on the last day of the Colorado Assembly, May 3, 2019.

·       125,000 signatures will be required for a repeal referendum to be on the 2020 ballot – thereby allowing Colorado voters to vote to repeal the National Popular Vote, and let the Electoral College work the way the US Constitution intended. 


How you can be involved:

·       Here is the link to contact the Governor’s office, to tell him NOTto sign this bill:

·       Note:  Issue committees and volunteer organizations are recruiting volunteers for signatures right now, so that everything will be ready to go when the petition drive begins.  We will publish a list, when the information is available…