AC-GOP Chairman’s Post – March, 2019

By Dorothy Gotlieb

It is my intent to write a provocative blog piece every month – to stimulate discussion, and to give us a reason to get Arapahoe County back into the R column.  

The opinions offered will be mine alone, but it is my hope that those of you who disagree with me will share your thoughts, and that those of you who agree with me will do more than just nod - and get involved, not only by fighting back (e.g. testifying at hearings, going to rallies, contacting legislators, telling your friends, etc.), but by helping to elect rational Republican candidates to public service and true representation – and not just to public office

The Colorado General Assembly session, this year, started on January 4, 2019, and will adjourn on May 3. As you know, the Dems are in complete control – and I do mean control.  Their legislative agenda reminds me of kids in a candy store without supervision – and it is my fondest wish to ensure that they get a political stomachache… 

Coloradans look to their Legislature to solve problems, e.g. to keep us safe, enhance economic opportunity, address transportation issues and congestion, allocate  money to fix roads and highways – you know, the “stuff” of government, but instead, the totally Dem-run Colorado Legislature – with its “blank-check” opportunity to propose any legislation it chooses – appears determined to foist upon us a socially-unresolved agenda that will forcibly intrude itself into our children’s school curriculum, our health care, our wallets – and, basically, into everything spelled Freedom.

·      HB1032,for instance, requires that a controversial sex education curriculum – to include sexual experiences, gender expression and sexual orientation - be taught at 4thgrade and up. Not even the separately-elected State Board of Education would be allowed to countermand the requirements – and not only would parents not be notified about what is being taught to their children, they would be unable to opt their children out of the program. This bill is a perfect example of a debated social issue being driven by a determined agenda. 

·      HB1129 would tell licensed mental health providers what they can and cannot say to minors, in particular, about gender identification.  As a former executive director of the Colorado Psychological Association, I don’t think the extensively-trained mental health professionals will appreciate that.

·      …And how about SB042 That one surrenders Colorado’s Electoral College votes to the winner of the national popular vote. Sounds great - if you think that the majority of Coloradans will always vote the same as the majority of the country…but if we don’t - and we often haven’t - it won’t matter anyway, because our electors’ votes will be out of our hands - having been pledged, ahead of time, to NY and CA.  Why on earth would we voluntarily give up our vote?  

·      …And, take a look at HB1177– which tries to prevent crime before it happens (as if that’s even possible) by temporarily removing firearms from people, “who are determined to be a danger to themselves or others”.  Subjective?  You bet it is…

·      Then, there is SB108 which “streamlines” a 2018 bill that provides drivers’ licenses to folks unable to prove they are in the U.S. legally – with, so far, 61,000 CO licenses and 11,000 learners' permits issued. The applicant must provide proof that s/he lives in CO, and has an individual taxpayer id number issued by the IRS, or an SSN (but who’s checking to see if it’s a duplicate or not…Remember the 2006 Swift Packing Plant-Greeley raid, with all the duplicate SSN #s?) The licenses do state, however, that the holder is not allowed to use the license to vote (!)

·      SB181a Governor’s backed bill - would allow local governments to oversee oil and gas drilling in their jurisdictions, “including land use, surface impacts, siting and nuisance.” …But wait! Doesn’t  Colorado already heave the strictest regulations in the country, and didn’t voters vote down a set-back provision in 2018?  This law would increase costs for one of our state’s biggest industries to the point of potentially driving it out of state - along with its being a job-killer.  

·      HB1185 A bill which will have Columbus Day eliminated and replaced it with Colorado Day.

.  HB1037 A bill passed which allows electric companies recoup money spent to build the plants while funding economic impact grants to towns losing jobs along the way. Forcing Plant closure in Craig and Pueblo.

.  SB182 A bill which allows the repeal of the death penalty for offenses charged or after July 1, 2019, and makes assertions the death penalty is a failed public policy. Another national agenda item and copy cat legislation.

So…If you want to keep your own control over your health care, diet, transportation, housing, vacation, employment, electric bill, and take home pay, keep your eye on this year’s General Assembly, and MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD - because the Dem-controlled Legislature’s wish-list has no bounds.