Why this election is important

I want to discuss why it is SO important to elect Republicans and fiscal conservatives:

1. Negative Interest Rates. People have asked what this is about. Well, when the bank pays you .0035 interest on your savings account, but charges you $10/mo ($120/yr) to "handle" your account, you're losing money It takes a LOT of money to get $120 in fees back

2. Increased user fees. While I am a big believer in "User Pays", doubling the Storm drain/Sewer fees in one year, cripples and stresses elder and poorer people's budget.

3. Have you noticed the increase of food costs? That money, I got news for you, is not getting back to the farmers and ranchers who grow it.

4. Under "Obamacare", has your insurance costs gone down? How about your meds? It would be cheaper and more efficient to have HSAs for Everyone--deposited on January 1. You shop, you buy what you need, you pay.

5. I believe that NO ONE should have to choose between food, shelter, medicine and taxes. That's unconscionable.....

As our County, State and Country ages, the fiscal demands on people with fixed, or declining income, is becoming greater. In CO, a proposal for HealthCare calls for a minimum 10% gross tax on EVERYTHING. Social Security, Pensions, savings, salary, everything. Raising the minimum wage, coupled with that, equals no increase, but a decrease, overall. As young people are not able to establish themselves, as they have in past years, where does that leave us?