Thanksgiving Has Arrived.

Thanksgiving has arrived. It has been a tough year for everyone.  We have seen births in our community circles, but we have seen death too.  We have seen joy and the depths of pain and sadness.  We have seen triumph, and we have seen defeat. We have been blessed, in so many ways, and given opportunities to celebrate and learn from the person standing next to us.

I learned, as all of you did, that Thanksgiving is a celebration of survival.  How together a tough group of Pilgrims were assisted by their Native American neighbors. As a kid, I wondered why the harvest comes before the winter. Yes, I know the practical of this. But I also think I know a metaphorical reason: It brings us together before the desolation of the winterscape – cold, forbidding, barren. It gives us the opportunity to celebrate together, so that the love and comfort is kept through the bleak winter days. It is the promise of what is to come – Spring with its renewal. It is a confirmation of the best in people.

As you sit down to your Thanksgiving celebrations, go to Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Temple, remember the very best in all of us and be thankful.  As you are thankful for your family, friends, community, remember those less fortunate.  Those without family or those who have just lost a family member.  Remember to give grace. Where there is hunger, please help. Where there is sadness, a smile, a pat on the shoulder or a hug can give such comfort. Where there is need, pitch in. Our greatest gifts, as humans, is each other. Help your neighbor – shovel their walk if they are elderly, make a phone call to a lonely person, remember to tell a loved one that you love them and that they matter. For tomorrow is unpromised, and today is a blink of an eye and yesterday can't be recalled.

James, Matana and I wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving and our very best to everyone in the Holiday Season. (The boys would too, but they are busy waiting for the goodies that “might” just make it to the floor!)