Musings on the Upcoming Election

We live in a topsy-turvy world, full of surprises and people. I am reminded, every day, of how fortunate I am to meet some of the most amazing people. They come from all over, have beliefs that span every imaginable spectrum. I get to learn, laugh and enjoy. It is an ongoing thrilling vista of the world. 

Why do I say this? We are going into the last days of an incredibly contentious election cycle. From the bottom to the top of the ballot with all the ballot questions. Most of these issues can strike at the very fabric of a person and their family. In many cases, they are paid for by outside groups who do not give a rat's behind about the people of CO.  Unfortunately, they see us as naïve people who will agree like sheep to anything.  How sad. Please think about what is on the ballot....

But here is my real reason: On November 9, we will, please God, be here and we will have to re-adjust our lives to the realities of the day before. There will be winners and losers; happy people, sad people and bitter people. And, some of that may be in one person!!! As humans, we are mostly a social species. Don't forget that we will still be the people we were 6 months ago, we will need to have the friendship and camaraderie that we had before all this. Most people will not have animus against their friends, whom they have had for years. Our families need to be able to sit at Thanksgiving together without bragging and/or accusations. 

Before the votes are tallied, I want to wish all my Candidates --Good Luck-- and know I am SO very proud of you and so very humble that I get to know you. Thank you to your families for sharing you with us, for enduring the absences and your time away. Public Service is a hard taskmaster and “she” never stops asking.

Robert--this one's for you!!!