Post Election Musings

To Every Candidate Who Ran in this Election:

If you won: Congratulations. You have earned a tremendous milestone and deserve the best wishes from absolutely everyone. My hope for you and the Entity that you will serve on: May you be careful stewards of the monies, futures and lives that will sit in your hands. Remember to give grace and be kind, considerate and thoughtful in all your activities. Respect the employees and your fellow Board members. Never bully, debase or be otherwise than considerate. Never believe that going back is the way to go forward. And, never forget, you are a servant of the people, along with the other people you serve with. You are no better, or worse, than the weakest link in the governmental group. Don't be the weak link. Remember, you are not the most important person in everyone's world, just your own. Don't squander your chance. Don't squander the taxpayers' trust or money.

To those who ran, and did not prevail, thank you beyond anything I can say for giving up your life for the last 6 months. I want you to understand, that everyone, appreciates your sacrifices, your time and effort. I hope that you will continue to participate in our local governments--bringing respect and thoughtful discourse to everything you touch. I look forward to working with everyone as we go forward.

A HUGE thank you to the family members of the candidates who won and those who did not win, without your steadfast support and encouragement of the candidate it couldn’t happen.  Families are such an important component to having quality candidates willing to run for office!  THANK YOU!