Ballots Will Be Arriving in Your Mailbox!

Candidates are listed alphabetically, by Entity

The Arapahoe County Republican Party has, over the years, declined to make endorsements of candidates in these non-partisan races.  This is not to say that we do not have many people who are fiscally conservative, and genuinely love their cities, towns, school and comprehend how these entities govern our lives.  In many cases, they are also active members of the Party.  

As voting begins in 2015 city and school board elections, I would like to suggest some questions that may make your voting decisions easier:

1.     Is the candidate familiar with the issues facing your school or city?

2.     Have they exaggerated or misrepresented their credentials, skills, integrity to make themselves look better or different than they really are?

3.     Do they work collaboratively or do they feel that they are the only vote that matters?  Is there a “me vs. everyone else” behavior?

4.     Does the candidate have conflicts?  Will there be times when that person will have to recuse themselves due to a conflict between their day position and a city council or school board?  Will this happen often?

5.     Do they respect citizens’ rights or eagerly look to special interests to further themselves?  Are they like you and your neighbors, or ??

6.     Have they served on any committee where you can hear their interactions with colleagues?  Do they bully, intimidate, harass, debase or make a colleague invisible to enhance their stature?  Is the candidate mean?

7.     How well (or poorly) has the candidate worked with staff or people who are trying to support the entity?  Has that candidate conducted her or himself within business boundaries?

8.     Do they show up for committee meetings?  Lack of attendance at a voluntary committee is an indication of their willingness to show up to a regular meeting.

9.     Does a person have a special agenda?  Is there one item that pushes their button?  Is it the same issue you have?  Or is it a vanity position for that candidate?

10.            Is the candidate looking at the election as a stepping stone to another position they feel they are entitled to?  Thinking ahead is great, but bragging about the next step indicates that the candidate does not care as much about your city or school as they do about their stepping stone.  It also means that every vote will be with an eye to how it will look in the next race and future donors.

11.             If they are an incumbent, or running again after an absence:

a.     Has their position changed from when they previously served?

b.     Does the candidate support the same fiscal positions as before?  If not, why not?  Is this a campaign tactic or did they truly have a change of heart?

c.      If they have previously been in office or are an incumbent, did they attend study sessions, learn about the issues, or simply show up for the actual meeting with no knowledge about how the motion or procedure was formulated.

d.     Is it about that candidate’s glory or is it about you, the citizen?

12.              The races are critical.  All the entities rely on property or sales taxes.  In most cases, property taxes for a city or school district are quite small.  Cities, in particular, are reliant on sales taxes.  Is your candidate thinking about how to best provide a mix in your city that will keep your city vibrant, which in turn, helps your schools and communities?  Will this cause excitement and planned growth or will it cause your community to hang “City Closed” on your doors?

13.              Does your candidate have a vision for the district or city in which they live?  Or, is it a vague look and a more vague answer?  Will they speak about traffic safety, although it may not be popular; mental health in our schools; the burdens that are placed on our teachers; being considerate of the tax burden on our aging population?  Do they express innovative ideas about revitalizing their communities so that all the community benefits?  Do they care enough to “roll up their sleeves” and immediately go to work, or do they want to just be important?

Aurora - Francoise Michelle Bergan, Stephen D. Hogan, Angela Lawson, Bob LeGare, Charlie Richardson, Bob Roth

Centennial - Ken Lucas,  Carrie Penaloza, Bonnie Tull Percefull, Stephanie Piko

Englewood - Laurett Barrentine, John Grazulis, Joe Jefferson, Amber Jorgensen, Rita Russell

Greenwood Village - Tom Bishop, Dave Bullock, George Lantz, Freda Miklin, Steve Moran, Brent Neiser, Ron Rakowsky, Leslie Schluter

Littleton - Carol Brzeczek, Andrea Claire Brown, Doug Clark, Brenda Stokes, Jerry Valdez

Arapahoe County School District #1:  Englewood Public Schools - Kevin Ebert, Sharon Scheminske

Cherry Creek School District #5 - Vince Chowdhury

Deer Trail School District 26J - Thomas Cox, John Price

Aurora Public Schools 28J - Grant Barrett, Monica Colbert, Mike Donald

Bennett School District 29J - Michael Kisting, Robert Scoby

Strasburg School District 31J - Janeen Nuttall