Celebrate the Work We DO!

Labor Day!

The traditional day that signifies the last weekend of Summer!!  It symbolizes the beginning of Harvest and the return of school...and the official beginning of the Campaign Season!

 We've had the opportunity this summer for so many things; golf, baseball, swimming, and shoveling hail off our roofs and patios. As well as, walking, talking and helping candidates as we move to the November elections.  

We've also have the opportunity to hear how interested people are about other people's business. I didn't know how important my private life was to Mark Udall. I was also surprised to learn that Andrew Romanoff was soft on the Colorado State Constitution.

What I would like to speak about, though, is how important you, my fellow Republicans, are. Thank you for your interest and your support-in the past, and most importantly, now.

I go to as many events as I can, and try to meet as many people as possible. Your kindness and your enthusiasm power my day and leave me energized!!  

This is a serious campaign season now!

There are races to win that will shape the State of Colorado for years to come.

How will we shape the business environment so that small business, the most fragile part of an economic recovery, can flourish?

Will Colorado take Common Core and make it Un-common Core---providing Colorado children, not the lowest level of learning and opportunity, but with the ability to soar to the highest heights, fueled by a love of learning and a desire to excel?  

Will we find a way to explore and recover vital oil and gas, with consideration for the surrounding neighbors, so that we, as Coloradoans and Americans, may be safer from people who actively advocate our extinction?

This fall, there are many options for you to help. Firstly, as part of a new strategy, the Arapahoe county Republican Party is reaching out to un-traditional and different models.

You will see outreach in areas that have not been used previously.

On Saturday, September 13, 2014, the annual Lincoln Day Dinner will take place. Yes, the President Lincoln is aware that we have changed his date---but it is because we want to start this 2014 election Season off with a Campaign Rally, and what better way than to have Abraham Lincoln welcome you. Please go to www.arapahoerepublicans.org to purchase tickets and help us provide auxiliary assistance to our candidates. Technology, in particular, does not come cheap. There is no purchase of tickets at the door-all must be purchased in advance.

We are fortunate, this year, to have many excellent candidates. Your support is invaluable. This can be accomplished by agreeing to walk, telephone or help coordinate the distribution of yard signs. From our Governor's candidate to the County Coroner, each member of the Arapahoe County team of candidates brings a unique perspective to the position for which they are running.I encourage you to visit our website as well as our Facebook page, Arapahoe County Republican Party, and meet this superb team!

There is an opportunity next Saturday, September 6, 2014. It is a National Day of Action from the Republican National Committee.

It's aim is to bring Republicans together to telephone, walk and otherwise celebrate our National, State and Local candidates for office. Please consider joining us at 3033 S. Parker Road, 7th floor or at 5950 S. Willow and join the comradery as we work for all our candidates for this election cycle, please contact Erik at erik@cologop.org or for additional information give him a call at 720-225-8918.

 I look forward to seeing everyone on September 13, 2014 for the Lincoln Day Dinner.

Most of all, my hope, besides Republican victories, is that you have a wonderful and safe Labor Day.

Joy Hoffman, Chair