Udall Ads Deminish Women

Senator Udall, here we go again. The ad...your interest in my lady parts. It is becoming an obsession with you and your campaign. What on earth is going on?

Let's be real about what women truly care about. We care about feeding, sheltering and providing for our families. We care about the security of our homes, community, city, state and nation. We do not want to be beholden to foreign powers who want to kill us, our children, parents and friends. We do not want to be second class citizens in way, shape or form.

I will tell you what I am not: I am not afraid to be responsible. I am not afraid of who I am, and the person I have grown up to be. I am constantly evolving, learning every day and I am determined to grab life with the gusto it should have.

I am not a downtrodden person who needs a father in the name of my government.

I had a father who taught me to be kind, thoughtful, respectful of people and ideas, and self-sufficient. He taught me that living meant making good choices, living with them. He taught me not to undermine others but to do my best to help others achieve the self sufficiency that I had attained. A hand up, not a handout. He taught me that behavior, words and actions all have consequences. Free Speech may mean someone is upset with you. You said it, you bought it, now take what comes with it.

But, Udall, your monologues, and those of your commercials, smack of snarky condescension, a desire to make me a second class citizen, a need to make yourself seem superior and a cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive Dissonance, in case you are confused, is when you can't accept a fact because it does not agree with what you already believe. Therefore, it also means, sometimes, that you are opposed to growth by learning and may not be able to accept changes to your world, if you don't agree with the changes.

Since this ad campaign has been going on for over 3 months, I think this may be true. Because, I am more than my lady parts.

Joy Hoffman