A "Chat" with Romanoff

Hey, Mr. Romanoff...over here. Can we talk? Just you and me and a few gazillion of my friends. I want to get some clarification about that ad you put out.

Are you the same Andy Romanoff that is seeking to upturn TABOR? Are you the same guy who wanted to go around the Colorado Constitution on the subject of spending? Because, as I remember my Colorado Constitution, the Constitution sets an amount which MUST be in the bank before the Legislature can begin the Long Bill. I think its around $40,000,000. But the commercial says something about you balancing the budget. Now, I seem to think that is a bi-partisan issue in the Colorado Legislature.

You mention that you don't like the "fat cat" trips. But, I seem to vaguely remember you taking outings. Can we get a fact check here? You speak of balancing the U.S. Budget. I'm all for that. Tell me, where would you cut?. The Veteran Hospitals, the Military that is stretched? Maybe the ACA aka Obamacare, National Parks? Raise the retirement age to 90? Because, your support of the President's plans, all involve massive amounts of spending. And at a certain time, we, the citizens, and those of us who pay taxes,(45%), can't afford anymore increases to the Governments' revenue stream.

Our families work hard to pay our mortgages and bills. We work hard to be self-sufficient and we truly believe in helping our neighbor and strangers in our midst. We support organizations such as Wounded Warrior because they work with people that have special needs...people who acquired, if you will, those needs by defending our country. Defending our Country. Allowing you and me to walk the streets, go to dinner and movies, and even attend Bronco Games.

So, please, help me understand you desire to continue with programs we can't dream of affording while you are speaking (or dreaming) of this balanced budget of yours.

Thanks for the chat.

Joy Hoffman, Chair