Honoring Our Veterans and Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day 


I want to thank the Veterans of all the Wars, Conflicts, and Border issues for their dedicated service to our country.


To the men and women who serve at the very point of the most brutalities, my deepest appreciation for the strength, bravery and fortitude you display. Yet, you quickly turn to recognize others, understanding that the work you did and continue to do, could not be completed if not for the men and women who back you up--from communications, to medical to food and supplies to the families at home, praying and hoping for your safe return.

The Red Poppy is a symbol that carried over from World War 1, an opportunity for all of us to display our respect and honor all Veterans, the survivors and the dead.


This symbol has served for generations before me, and will continue to be a reminder for generations to come, that we must never forget to honor our Veterans. I stand and wear the Red Poppy to display my respect, my appreciation and most of all my hope.

Because, one day, Please God, there will be peace, and "...nation shall not lift up sword against another nation..."

May you have an Honorable Veteran's Day.