Election Day!

As we all (I hope), participate in the Elections today, I want to thank the following people who have worked so very hard, and have dedicated so much time and effort to the Community at large. Thank you, Candidates and your families----for the hours that you have put in, the miles you have walked, the signs you have planted, the thoughtful and reasoned remarks and arguments about how you are the better Candidate this time.  

Our Candidates, this election cycle, have been some of the best that have ever run. Their families are wonderful, kind, thoughtful and tolerant of their missing family member. The Community of Arapahoe County is so very fortunate to have all of you on Team Arapahoe.

The District captains and Precinct Leaders have stepped forward and helped in many, many ways. This selfless family, along with volunteers, Election Judges, Poll Watchers, have made this Election Cycle exciting, and thought provoking.

Please join us tonight as we celebrate the hard work, effort, support and sacrifice of this election as we watch the returns together:

Colorado GOP's Election Night Party, Hyatt Denver Tech Center 7800 East Tufts Ave, Denver, CO 80237. For more information please visit our website: http://www.arapahoerepublicans.org/  

To every Campaign worker, volunteer, and concerned member of the Community, Thank You for everything!

Joy Hoffman, Chair
Arapahoe County Republicans