This Is No Time To Give Up

(The following is not official GOP guidance, but rather my advice on advancing the Conservative Agenda)


We’ve all heard the complaint.  Many of us voice it ourselves:

“First Republicans said they needed the House to stop Obamacare—but nothing happened!  Then they said they needed the Senate—but nothing happened!  Then they said they needed the White House—and still, nothing happened!  It’s hopeless!  We give up!”
Let me state this as clearly as possible:  If we give up on the GOP right now, we are fools.  Fools of the highest order.  Epic, legendary, and almost unprecedented, F-O-O-L-S.
Clear enough?
Take a step back and ponder what just happened with the healthcare "failure."  We drove the ball to the opponent’s 5 yard line, but couldn’t punch it in—for now.  This isn’t over.  In fact, if we pull together over this next year, I can assure you Obamacare will be repealed, replaced, and burned to the ground…by Republicans.
Healthcare will be saved.  Why?
Because 2018 should be a banner election for Senate Republicans.   25 Democrat seats are up for re-election, and only 8 Republican seats.  Of the 25 Democrat seats, 10 are in states Trump won—5 of those by double digits.  On the GOP side, nearly all the Senators are safe.
Even by pessimistic standards, Republicans should expand their Senate majority to 55-45.  By more realistic standards, we should see a 57-43 majority after 2018.
Remember, Obamacare was rammed down our throats by a 59-41 Democrat majority, and a couple of today’s Senate Republicans are weak (GOP voters in Arizona and Alaska, you owe us YUGE apologies).  Anyone expecting major repeal with a weak 52 seat majority is kidding themselves.  They really are.
This isn’t McConnell’s fault—he lacks the votes.  This isn’t Cruz’s and Paul’s fault—they’ve been team players like McConnell, voting for good amendments and several bills to end Obamacare.
Ultimately, this isn’t even the fault of McCain and Murkowski.  They are who they’ve always been, but GOP voters in Arizona and Alaska chose them anyway.  Want to blame someone?  Blame Republican voters in those fairly safe states.  Heck, I’ll join you.
But if you think it’s time to give up because Republicans promised repeal if they had the House, Senate, and Presidency, then you’re not watching the game.  Seriously, you’re not!  Looking at 2018, we aren’t just on the opponent’s 5 yard line.  No, to complete the football analogy, our opponent just committed interference in the end zone, and we’ve got first down and goal at their 1 yard line.
And yet, we’re ready to punt!  ARE WE CRAZY?!  WHO PUNTS FROM THE 1?  WE’RE ABOUT TO WIN!
So how do we win?  That’s an easy, 3-step process:
1.      Open your eyes and see the goal line in front of you.  Just do it!  Complaining about lost votes and broken promises feels good for a moment, but it doesn’t save America.  Want America saved?  We’re only a yard away, people!  OPEN!  YOUR!  EYES!
2.      Every Republican should get trained in easy talking points on the problems of Obamacare, then convince one unaffiliated voter—just one each—to want real repeal after 2018.  Move the voters this much, and a healthier Senate majority will gladly make sweeping changes.
Win some American voters.  Just one each.  Hey, just mention soaring deductibles making coverage worthless, and you’ll win several!  Also, 16 million of the 23 million who supposedly “lose coverage” with repeal only “lose” it by choice—because they’re no longer forced to buy it.  Mention this, and you’ll shock every CNN viewer at the gym.  I could give endless examples, since bashing Obamacare is about as hard as bashing Colin Kaepernick at a Tea Party rally.
Young Republicans should convince at least 5 voters each, since they know more independents, and Obamacare is a fiscal assault on the young.  Think about it.  When everyone pays to cover everyone, the young and healthy pay far, far, far, far, far more for the coverage they use!  It’s the ultimate rip-off!  Plus, Obamacare’s incredible Medicaid expansion piles hundreds of billions on the National Debt that is paid by—you guessed it—young people!
My goodness, if you’re a young Republican who can’t win 5 people on Obamacare Repeal, then you can’t sell water to a flapping fish on the pier.  You can’t sell weed in Boulder.  You can’t sell…did I mention weed in Boulder?! 
3.      Unite in 2018!  Punch that ball in the end zone. 
Quit demanding “my kind of Republican!”  Welcome back the Tea Partiers, Christian Right, Libertarians, Moderates—anyone you’ve dismissed.  Unlike our rival Party, we Republicans are free thinking individualists, not collectivist drones.  So allow some free thinking, ‘kay?
In redder districts, run redder candidates who move the agenda.  In bluer districts, run more moderate candidates who hold the line on some issues.  This means working with Susan Collins in Maine, but we can do better in Arizona and Alaska.  Think strategically, people!
Fellow Conservatives, this is no time to give up!  This is no time to bemoan missed chances and unfulfilled promises.  2018 is coming.  The ball is at the 1.  Our opponents are terrified.  All we have to do is open our eyes, win some people over, and unite.  That’s it!  The only thing stopping us is our own complaining!
So smile and relax, people!  Why pout and lose ground when we have a year to move voters and finish the job?  Is this the time to abandon our one viable political party that can win?  Really?
2018 is coming.  Our opponents are reeling.  It’s first and goal on their 1, and they know it.  And yet, here I am, giving the most unexpected advice I could ever give to a team in this position:
Don’t punt.

House District 40 Your Vote for Spencer Wellman is a Vote for Todd Brophy

House District 40   Your Vote for Spencer Wellman is a Vote for Todd Brophy

House District 40 

Your Vote for Spencer Wellman is a Vote for Todd Brophy

Spencer Wellman withdrew from the HD 40 race due to a family related health issue.  Thank you for your service and desire to serve your community Spencer.

Arapahoe County Republicans chose "5th Generation Todd Brophy" to replace Wellman.

Incumbent Janet Buckner, Democrat, is advertising a FALSE narrative that no one will be there to serve HD40 constituents.  When you vote for Spencer Wellman, your Vote will be counted as a Vote for Todd Brophy.


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All things ballot related in Arapahoe County

We have an amazing Clerk and Recorder in Arapahoe County, Matt Crane.  He and his team have worked for months to ensure that the 2016 election goes off without a hitch and is easy for the voter to navigate.  
Check out thier website:  for all of the election information you'll need!

They have provided even more locations for ballot drop off this year.  See below for the entire drop off ballot location list.  One is sure to be near you!


Aurora Arapahoe County CentrePoint Plaza
14980 E. Alameda Dr. Aurora, CO 80012 (Map)24-Hour

AuroraAurora Center for Active Adults
30 Del Mar Cir. Aurora CO 80011 (Map)24-Hour

Aurora Beck Recreation Center
800 Telluride St. Aurora CO 80011 (Map)24-Hour

Aurora City of Aurora
15151 E. Alameda Pkwy. Aurora, CO 80012 (Map)24-Hour

Aurora Clerk and Recorder Aurora Branch
490 S. Chambers Rd. Aurora, CO 80017 (Map)24-Hour

Aurora Heather Gardens Clubhouse
2888 S. Heather Gardens Way Aurora, CO 80014 (Map)10/17-11/8 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
10/22, 10/29, 11/5 Sat 9am-3pm
11/8 Tues 7am-7pm

Aurora Martin Luther King Jr. Library
9898 E. Colfax Ave. Aurora, CO 80010 (Map)24-Hour

Aurora Mission Viejo Library
15324 E. Hampden Cir. Aurora, CO 80013 (Map)24-Hour

Aurora Shalom Park Nursing Home
14800 E. Belleview Dr. Aurora, CO 80015 (Map)10/17-11/8 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
10/22, 10/29, 11/5 Sat 9am-3pm
11/8 Tues 7am-7pm

Aurora Tallyn’s Reach Library
23911 E. Arapahoe Rd. Aurora, CO 80016 (Map)24-Hour

Aurora Utah Indoor Pool
1800 S. Peoria St., Aurora CO 80012 (Map)24-Hour

Bennett Town of Bennett
355 4th St. Bennett, CO 80102 (Map)24-Hour

Byers Clerk and Recorder Byers Branch
538 N. Highway 36 Byers, CO 80103 (Map)10/17-11/7 Mon-Fri 7 am-12pm and 1-4pm
11/8 Tues Closed

Byers Kelver Library
404 E. Front St. Byers, CO 80103 (Map)24-Hour

Centennial City of Centennial
13133 E. Arapahoe Rd. Centennial, CO 80112 (Map)24-Hour

Centennial Clerk and Recorder Centennial Branch
6954 S. Lima St. Centennial, CO 80112 (Map)24-Hour

Centennial Goodson Recreation Center
6315 S. University Blvd. Centennial, CO 80121 (Map)24-Hour

Centennial Smoky Hill Library
5430 S. Biscay Cir. Centennial, CO 80015 (Map)24-Hour

Centennial Southglenn Library (open Oct. 24 – Nov. 8)
6972 S. Vine St. Centennial, CO 80012 (Map)10/24 – 11/7 Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri 9am-5pm
10/25 and 11/1 Tues 10am-7pm
10/29 and 11/5 Sat 9am-3pm
11/8 Tues 7am-7pm

Cherry Hills Village City of Cherry Hills Village
2450 E. Quincy Ave. Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113 (Map)24-Hour

Deer Trail Deer Trail Town Hall
555 Second Ave. Deer Trail, CO 80105 (Map)10/17-11/8 Mon-Thurs 7am-4pm
and Fri 7am-11am
11/5 Sat 9am-1pm
11/8 Tues 7am-7pm

Denver Eloise May Library
1471 S. Parker Rd Denver, CO 80231 (Map)24-Hour

Englewood Englewood Civic Center
1000 Englewood Pkwy. Englewood, CO 80110 (Map)24-Hour

Glendale City of Glendale
950 S. Birch St. Glendale, CO 80246 (Map)24-Hour

Greenwood Village City of Greenwood Village
6060 S. Quebec St. Greenwood Village, CO 80111 (Map)24-Hour

Littleton Arapahoe County Administration Building
5334 S. Prince St. Littleton, CO 80120 (Map)24-Hour

Littleton Arapahoe County Elections Facility
5251 S. Federal Blvd. Littleton, CO 80123 (Map)24-Hour

Sheridan City of Sheridan
4101 S. Federal Blvd. Sheridan, CO 80110 (Map)24-Hour

Strasburg Adams County Sheriff Substation
2550 Strasburg Rd Strasburg, CO 80136 (Map)24-Hour

Why this election is important

Why this election is important

I want to discuss why it is SO important to elect Republicans and fiscal conservatives:

1. Negative Interest Rates. People have asked what this is about. Well, when the bank pays you .0035 interest on your savings account, but charges you $10/mo ($120/yr) to "handle" your account, you're losing money It takes a LOT of money to get $120 in fees back

2. Increased user fees. While I am a big believer in "User Pays", doubling the Storm drain/Sewer fees in one year, cripples and stresses elder and poorer people's budget.

3. Have you noticed the increase of food costs? That money, I got news for you, is not getting back to the farmers and ranchers who grow it.

4. Under "Obamacare", has your insurance costs gone down? How about your meds? It would be cheaper and more efficient to have HSAs for Everyone--deposited on January 1. You shop, you buy what you need, you pay.

5. I believe that NO ONE should have to choose between food, shelter, medicine and taxes. That's unconscionable.....

As our County, State and Country ages, the fiscal demands on people with fixed, or declining income, is becoming greater. In CO, a proposal for HealthCare calls for a minimum 10% gross tax on EVERYTHING. Social Security, Pensions, savings, salary, everything. Raising the minimum wage, coupled with that, equals no increase, but a decrease, overall. As young people are not able to establish themselves, as they have in past years, where does that leave us?

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A Time for Reflection

This has been a sad week in the US.  So many deaths---families are burying people that they value, cared for, who taught them, guided them, inspired them.  Then there are the deaths that make the news---the “if it bleeds, it leads” stories.  And then there are the deaths that simply make us sit back, gasp, and wonder where we are going as human beings, citizens and Americans. 

News came through, this week, of the death of Senator William “Bill” Armstrong, of cancer, at way too young an age.  My deepest condolences to his family—having lost both my parents in the last 2 years, it is a scary, depressing and lonely time, even when you are surrounded by loved ones.

The pain that this country is going through: Sons and daughters that will never come home; fathers and mothers that will never hug their children or put them to bed, parents who leave us with more questions than answers.  And the news continues in its hunt for the “if it bleeds, it leads” stories.

Why have I linked Senator Armstrong and the high profile deaths of this past week?  Senator Armstrong touched thousands of lives during his life and he has left a legacy throughout the U.S. and Colorado.  People in search of knowledge were touched by Colorado Christian University. People interested in justice were touched by his belief in the ability of man/woman to achieve heights that they did not know existed in themselves.  In a word, he believed that everyone had the key to be their best self. 

The people who are left to grapple with the carnage of last week, wrestle with the same issues.  They, as well as many, many of us, believe in the humanity of those around us.  All of us, need, nay, must work to bring the best of humanity out in times like this.  There can be no color barrier, no line in the sand.  We must come together---we all want the same for our families and communities.  Bad must be punished, righteousness, kindness and grace rewarded.  There is no lack of virtue on any side of this situation.  And bad public servants should go, disciplined, reviled and punished with the same ferocity as the self-proclaimed vigilantes should be.  Rebuilding begins when people speak to each other, rather that sling, and fling, slogans at each other.

Therefore, I think it is very much important that the passing of Senator Armstrong be met with the actions that he would have had.  Elevate all, walk humbly, and realize that we are all flawed.  Our redemption is in how we try to make ourselves, and our community better.  In Judaism, that is called “Rebuilding the World”, and it starts by trying to rebuild the world in which you walk in.  Senator Armstrong left the world a better place…and so should we all.  Rest in Peace, Senator.

Honoring Our Veterans and Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day 


I want to thank the Veterans of all the Wars, Conflicts, and Border issues for their dedicated service to our country.


To the men and women who serve at the very point of the most brutalities, my deepest appreciation for the strength, bravery and fortitude you display. Yet, you quickly turn to recognize others, understanding that the work you did and continue to do, could not be completed if not for the men and women who back you up--from communications, to medical to food and supplies to the families at home, praying and hoping for your safe return. 

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Election Day!

As we all (I hope), participate in the Elections today, I want to thank the following people who have worked so very hard, and have dedicated so much time and effort to the Community at large. Thank you, Candidates and your families----for the hours that you have put in, the miles you have walked, the signs you have planted, the thoughtful and reasoned remarks and arguments about how you are the better Candidate this time.  

Our Candidates, this election cycle, have been some of the best that have ever run.

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